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Seeing “The Jungle Book” is a bare necessity

Stop what you’re doing right now. Well, actually, finish reading this newspaper, and then go buy tickets to see box office’s latest moneymaker, “The Jungle Book.”

You probably know “The Jungle Book” as the movie you have on VCR, but your impression of this Disney classic is about to change. Recently, a new rendition of the movie was released and made $103.6 million in North America alone opening weekend.

Changes made in the new rendition include a darker tone and much more suspenseful moments. Don’t let the PG rating fool you; this isn’t a movie made for just children. Director Jon Favreau isn’t a cartoonish or childish filmmaker, as reflected by some of his previous work like “Ironman” and “Avengers.” Even though the film does not feature real animals, the CGI technology makes the animals look remarkably real.

With renowned voices from actors and actresses including Bill Murray as the bear Baloo, Christopher Walken as the orangutan King Louie and Scarlett Johansson as the snake Kaa, this movie will take you to the jungle.

The story of a young boy raised in the jungle is captured by scenes filled with drama, action and with the help of a few great songs (from the original movie, of course).

Mowgli, the young boy played by Neel Sethi, was the cherry on top of this fantastic movie. The 12-year-old nailed his role, captivating audiences throughout the film.

The playful relationship between Mowgli and Baloo was enjoyable to watch and added a fun comedic aspect to this fairly serious movie. I liked how this movie surprised me. I wasn’t jumping out of my seat with excitement awaiting its release, but I quickly realized it would far exceed my expectations.

All in all, I would give “The Jungle Book” five stars. Seeing it on the big screen is definitely a must, with 3-D options available for the best experience possible.

Leave all skeptical thoughts behind when buying tickets to the first PG movie you’ve probably seen in a decade, and watch this classic movie get brought back to life in unimaginable ways.

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