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Spookier & Stranger Things (Spoiler Alert)

If you havent binge-watched the second season of Stranger Things yet, dont. The sooner you finish it, the longer youll have to anticipate the next season, and something tells me this next year of waiting will be even more agonizing than the previous.

The latest season of Stranger Things does not disappoint and is well worth the wait. In just nine episodes (were given one more compared to the first season), the show managed to tie up all loose ends from the last season and capture the audiences attention with various new developments.

This Netflix original is unparalleled in its ability to hook its viewers yet again seriously, it came out on Thursday night at midnight, and I know people who finished it by Friday evening. The seasons drama builds slowly, and some felt this season was slower-paced than the first. But what this season lacked in fast-paced action, it made up for in its overall storyline as well as character development.

In addition to the stacked cast from season one, we get to see a bunch of fresh faces like Californians Max, the spunky tomboy and Billy, her sociopathic, ultra-cool bully-brother. Yet all the characters that are brought into the new season even Bob, Joyce Byers corny and nerdy yet unexpectedly helpful beau enhance and complement the original characters so well, youd think theyd been there all along.

The season is not complete without references to its former installment, constantly reminding viewers of important events from the past season. This was extremely helpful due to the shows complexities; it can be difficult to peel back the layers of every single character, every single relationship between the characters and every single predicament we see them in without a reminder of background info.

The main conflict this time around is Will Byers (literal) inner demon, which begins to take over his body in order to control and destroy small-town Hawkins. There is danger at every corner for characters who feel as if those who are on the same side as Hawkins Lab are watching their every move. There is the introduction of new terrifying monsters, like demadogs and the Shadow Monster, that threaten characters safety when they and we least expect it. The twists and turns of this season are simply outstanding.

Some of the best scenes in the season are due to the dynamics and chemistry between characters. With Hawkins police chief Jim Hopper and Eleven, we get a strangely sweet, father-daughter relationship. With Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers, we finally get recognition of their true feelings for one another. With Steve Harrington and little Dustin Henderson, we get an incredibly adorable bromance one we never knew we needed. And finally, with Mike and Eleven, we get the catharsis of the young, in-puppy-love kids reunited at last.

Of course, it wouldnt be Stranger Things if it didnt have a bunch of 80s references. Since this season takes place in fall of 1984, the soundtrack of the show definitely reflects the setting by including easily recognizable hits like Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper, Every Breath You Take by The Police, Waiting for a Girl Like You by Foreigner and of course Should I Stay or Should I Go by The Clash.

Besides the music, theres tons of hidden movie references, too, like the costumes at Tinas Halloween Bash including Rocky from Rocky, Like a Virgin-era Madonna, Johnny from Karate Kid and more. These 80s connections create a sense of nostalgia for fans of the show, both young and old, making us almost wish we lived in Hawkins ourselves if it werent for all its sinister secrets.

Even though the season only has nine episodes, its immensely riveting content surpasses expectations. The suspense of Stranger Things 2 is what made me keep clicking the Next Episode button for a day straight. If you start watching, dont plan on stopping until youve reached the last episode, Chapter 9: The Gate, with an ending thatll leave you begging for more. Rating: five out of five Eggos, easily.

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