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Team iPhone comes with a cost

Not too long ago, Steve Jobs stood on stage in San Francisco announcing his product that would revolutionize the entire cell phone industry: the iPhone. Its a phone like no other, and many people, including the CEO of Microsoft, speculated the iPhone would fail miserably in sales.

However, within ten years, Apple has become one of the worlds most valuable companies. And now, Apple has unveiled its next big thing: The iPhone X.

From its edge-to-edge screen to Face ID recognition, the new model received a total makeover both internally and externally with the iPhone X. With Apple claiming the new phone is the companys biggest leap forward since the original iPhone, what could possibly hold you back from upgrading to the next best thing?

The answer: cost.

Although the iPhones endless upgrades and features are hard to resist, Apple fans may now think twice before upgrading because of the $999 price tag.

This sky-high price has caused a lot of controversy; however, the biggest question is: Is the price tag enough to make dedicated Team iPhone users switch to Team Android?

As a loyal Apple consumer myself, I must say Apple is one of the greatest examples of brand loyalty. I sit here writing this article on my MacBook Pro, while periodically checking my iPhone 6S, and I can finally grasp the impact Apple already has on my life and how impenetrable it is.

While I was in grade school, my school participated in Apples One-to-One Program where every individual student received a new MacBook during their time in school. At the time, I was baffled at the fact they would design that sort of program for schools, until years later when I realized all of those years I spent using a MacBook created the unbreakable loyalty I now have towards Apple.

With Apple possessing the highest customer loyalty out of any other phone brand, it is no wonder that they can get away with a hefty price on their latest phone. Given that Apple and Android have such drastically different operating systems, many iPhone users cant even bring themselves to think of a world without iMessage or FaceTime.

Unfortunately, if Apple continues to win over the hearts (and wallets) of die-hard iPhone users, that $999 phone is just the beginning. If the iPhone X truly does become the next best thing, then you can count on an even more expensive iPhone just waiting to be revealed next year.

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