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The Science Guy is Back

Remember when your teacher rolled a 15-inch TV into the room back in elementary school, and you knew sh*t was about to go down?

PBS specials about U.S. History, episodes of “The Magic School Bus” and movies during the holidays were always a refreshing break from algebra and Hooked on Phonics; however, nothing topped “Bill Nye: The Science Guy.” Now, the scientist in the blue lab coat and bowtie is back with a new Netflix show.

“Bill Nye Saves the World” is a modern take on Bill Nye’s popular kid’s show from the 1990s. This new series covers topics like chemically-produced foods, machines and even sexuality, by breaking them down from a scientific point of view that’s easy to understand. It’s fun to watch Nye’s antics on screen again, and the presentation is simple enough to run in the background as I play video games in my room.

Nye’s humor and easy-going mannerisms are ever-present as he “saves the world.” Not a moment goes by without a science pun, silly prop or Nye simply saying the word “Science!” in various contexts – all of which are met by applause from the live audience.

In addition to simple experiments and on-stage models, the new series includes numerous real-world examples of various phenomena presented in the show. A panel discussion allows three notable scientists and general smart people to share their views on the subject of the episode, and major stars like Desiigner make appearances in short skits to “[Keep] it hip for the young kids,” as Nye says. Oh, my.

“Bill Nye Saves the World” adds a new twist to the popular ‘90s show. If you want to get learned up while reliving your happy childhood memories from your 4th grade classroom, this show is a great watch and is definitely a good segue into gaining more knowledge about the topics presented.