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The worms in Apple

Another year, another iPhone, and the seventh installment has finally been announced after being leaked and teased for months. We knew it was going to come eventually, yet I don’t think I’ve ever been quite so disappointed in an iPhone.

Before I rag on the phone too hard, I’d like to point out the cool new things the iPhone is doing. The biggest draw is the new and improved camera. The iPhone 7 plus will sport two cameras, one standard phone camera and another with optical zoom. Optical zoom allows users to zoom in and maintain high-quality pictures. Both cameras also record video in 4k resolutions.

Additionally, the home button is now fully touch screen; it’s no longer a button that you click, instead a button you tap on screen. Kinda nifty, but also unnecessary. Meanwhile, the truly monumental change is the removal of the headphone jack.

That’s right, no more plugging in the AUX cord in the car. It’s all Bluetooth from this point forward. There will be an adaptor to use for your device, but that’s not really much of a consolation.

What is the reasoning for such a drastic change?

Your iPhone is waterproof now. Well, mostly. This new and improved Apple device can survive one meter (a little more than three feet) underwater for an hour. Honestly, I wouldn’t test my luck with this new feature.

A better camera, no headphone jack and a touch-screen home button. What does this mean for the average consumer? Answer: a red flag.

Apple’s “innovations” are a cover for their lack of ideas. They aren’t revolutionizing the cellphone anymore. Sure, a 4k camera in my pocket sounds cool, but most consumers don’t know what “4k” means, let alone appreciate it. For the average consumer, the inconvenience of a jack-less phone (that at present doesn’t do anything more than our current variant) is problematic.

I remember when Steve Jobs introduced the original iPhone. A full touchscreen device with apps, an amazing camera and slim model was an alien and futuristic concept. But now, Apple is so consumed in their own hype that the company thinks it can package anything and people will flock to the product.

For some, that is the case — having the newest iPhone is a status symbol. Typically, a symbol of being wealthy and on the cutting edge of technology, but in the iPhone 7, I see none of that. Instead, I see a corporation showcasing its greed. What will they try to sell next, an iChair?

If you’re seriously considering an iPhone 7 — don’t. Save your money and just update your current iPhone to iOS 10 and call it a day.

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