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Why I dont keep up with the Kardashians

Britain has the Queen, the Vatican City has Pope Francis and what does the United States have? The Kardashians.

This past week, the media absolutely imploded with news from the Kardashians.

After sources confirmed Kylie Jenners pregnancy on Friday afternoon, just a few days later Jenners sister Khloe was reported to be expecting as well. Its impossible to go onto a single social media platform without seeing at least some sort of post regarding the latest Kardashian update.

Its shocking that even after an entire decade of the reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians, people still obsess over every detail of their lives. The Kardashians have become absolute master manipulators of the media they know exactly when to get headlines stirring and how to suck every ounce of attention to themselves.

While the Kardashian clan has yet to confirm or deny the news of Jenners pregnancy, millions of people were combing through her social media accounts, searching for clues, completely desperate to know, as if their lives depended on it.

Do you know what else has been going on this week? Mexico was hit with a 7.1-magnitude earthquake, trapping countless people under toppled buildings. Hurricane Maria ruthlessly tore through the country of Puerto Rico, leaving the entire country without power. And Hurricane Harveys damage still resonates in the state of Texas, while Hurricane Irma recently swamped the Caribbean and the state of Florida.

Our nation is engrossed with the lives of the Kardashian family and every move they make. There is coverage on ultimately every aspect of their lives. And its not the Kardashian family themselves that I have a problem with, because props to them for profiting from their lifestyle. However, the fact that people have allowed the drama of this lone family to become a priority in their life is unacceptable.

The media has taught us to glorify the lives of the ultra-wealthy and socially elite, causing us to turn a blind eye to those who need our help the most. While news broke out that Kylie Jenner was pregnant, thousands of people were losing their homes, their pets and even their loved ones due to catastrophic disasters.

While Jenners 98.1 million followers on Instagram may continue to track her latest baby drama, the rest of us must begin to prioritize issues and demand the news to cover it. We need to stop keeping up with the Kardashians and start caring about the world around us and the people in it.

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