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Wonders & Blunders


What if I told you we’d all have artificial intelligence-owned twitter accounts and self-driving cars in the year 2016? Yeah right, when dogs fly.

Well, actually, we have that, too. For no reason other than because he could, Mark Vette went through the struggle and marvel of teaching his dogs to fly.

Now, before you freak out about dogs taking over society, they didn’t do all the work. The dogs may have been the pilots, but the humans were definitely co-piloting. Vette handled take-off and landing, but once in the air, the dog was directed through vocal commands and flashing lights. The flight plan was also very simple: a figure eight, but you know what, that’s a lot better than I’m able to do.

With man’s best friend now airborne, I’m excited to see the next vehicle we can teach them to operate. Maybe a dog chauffeur service?



When I go to the movies, I want popcorn, a large drink and a good waste of two to three hours. Know what I don’t want? Texting. That small rectangle of flashing white light indicates someone has something better to do than be part of this collective.

Some companies were going to allow texting in their theaters. In order to appeal to the “phone obsessed millennials,” because apparently telling a 22-year-old to turn off their cell phone is akin to “cutting off their left arm,” according to CEO of AMC Theatres, Adam Aron.

AMC tried to do this with a recent announcement. Using those very same phones, people tweeted their dislike of this idea, so much so that AMC reversed harder than a man driving toward a cliff. Funny how effective this was outside of the theater.

There are many ways to appeal to today’s youth. Allowing cell phones during movies is not one of them. Outside of the inherent rudeness of using a phone during a movie, it alienates everyone else.

Why should my experience be tarnished because someone just had to check that Snap? It can wait. The movie-going experience ain’t broke; don’t try to fix it.

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