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Xbox On X-tra

For centuries, gamers have enjoyed the meteoric rise of technology. Each game console has been a step for mankind toward entertainment bliss; the graphics improved, the functionality multiplied, the Netflix chilled and the games simply got better. This is a gamer’s paradise.

While there is an ongoing feud between gaming consoles, specifically with PlayStation and Xbox fanboys and fangirls dueling to the death (you’ll get there, Nintendo), gamers can rejoice in yet another gaming milestone with the Nov. 7 release of Xbox One X.

Ridiculously powerful and awkwardly named, the Xbox One X marks yet a second improvement off its original console, following the Xbox One S. Building off of the original Xbox One, the Xbox One S first brought slightly more power under the hood capable of delivering 4K, HDR video, as well as a faux-perforated exterior design. Moreover, its internal power supply burned off some of the clunky mass that was the infamous power brick.

When comparing this system to the PS4 Pro, Microsoft claims the Xbox One X ends up 40 percent more powerful than its Sony counterpart. Couple this with a package that is 15 percent smaller, and you’ve got an item that battles the PS4 Pro in both performance and convenience.

Now, the Xbox One X continues what the Xbox One S started in making the best gaming console on the market. With a 2.3 GHz processor, 12GB high-speed GDDR5 memory, and 6-teraflop GPU, the device sits at 11.8 inches long, 9.4 inches wide and 2.4 inches high. Long story short, the machine is a monster of gaming technology.

With this uptick in improvements from its previous Xbox One iterations, players will find games performing more smoothly. Of course, with powerful numbers under the hood, players will also find upcoming first-party games given a graphical sponge bath to show for it.

The Xbox One X is a powerful machine, even objectively speaking. For gamers, it will be a fast and beautiful way to enjoy stunning entertainment like never before. Although it still must test its mettle with some of the more graphically intensive games still on the horizon, the Xbox One X is sure to satisfy.

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