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Anklan elected Senate president in close runoff

In one of the closest run-off elections Bradley has ever seen, Junior Tricia Anklan won the position of Student Body President by only 81 votes.

Anklan said she was excited that she will spend her fourth year in Student Senate as president.

“I’m thrilled,” she said. “I’m eager to work with the blue ticket and I think it is really good for the student body to have student body officers that were all on the same ticket and we all can work together and we have the same goals.”

Director of Student Activities Michelle Whited said at one point the race was neck in neck.

“It was really flip-flopping on the second day. I have never seen a race quite that close. It was interesting to see it play out.”

Run-off elections were between Anklan and Junior Ivan Gonzalez, who gained 1,022 votes while Anklan had 1,103 votes. Whited said both candidates had strong campaigns.

A total of 2,187 students voted in the presidential elections on Monday and Tuesday, almost 500 more students than last week during the first round of elections.

“I don’t know what to think of that,” Whited said. “I was surprised [that more students voted in the second round of voting], it’s not a typical response for run-off votes.”

Anklan said she increased campaigning after being 165 votes behind Gonzalez during first round of elections last week.

“I campaigned a lot harder and made an effort to share my goals with campus,” she said. “I used eye-catching posters and apparel and had a lot of people supporting me.”

Anklan said she is confident for the next year to come.

“There will be no learning curve,” she said. “I know where to go and who to talk to. I feel empowered in this position and I understand what I need to do.”

Election results were announced Tuesday evening in the Student Center Atrium. Both run-off presidential candidates had several supporters present.

“I was so nervous that Tricia wouldn’t win,” said Student Body Treasurer elect Jeff Baumgartner. “We pushed a lot this past week with a lot of rigorous campaigning. I think she is the best person for the job and will be able to boost others to full potential.”

Although he did not win, Gonzalez said he was pleased with the amount of support he received.

“After giving [my] all for this campaign . . . this election showed me that there are over a thousand students at our university that truly believed in me. Many of who showed pure dedication and support in everything I did because they wanted to see my dreams come to reality.

“With the success of having more than a 3rd of our entire university participate in this election, it makes me proud to say I am a student in a place that is full of excellence called Bradley University.”

Whited said the closeness of the race was exiting and is positive for the student body.

“It shows the strength of the two candidates we have,” she said. “It is a positive experience for Bradley University and I am excited for Student Senate next year. Both candidates had a great impact on campus and I want to encourage [Gonzalez] to stay involved in senate. You don’t have to be president to make a difference.”


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All photos by Trisha Deehring

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