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Vote Republican on Election Day

Originally published October 29, 2010

Tuesday, this country can finally get the change it needs and was promised two years ago.

There has never been a more important mid-term election in this country’s history. We are at a turning point as a nation. We can either continue down the current path or elect new leaders who will enact real change.

The last two years have been a disaster under the leadership of President Barack Obama and the Democrats in control of the House and Senate.

The national debt has risen to an all-time high, health care premiums are skyrocketing and unemployment continues to rise.

Where is the accountability? Where is the leadership we were promised in 2008?

There is no doubt the policies in place aren’t working and it’s time for a change. We all get that opportunity Tuesday.

The problem is simple. Big government is killing the country.

For two years, the Obama administration and Democrats have thought the solution to every problem is to throw money at it.

It doesn’t work and the Democrats know it.

Not one Democrat has taken out a political ad touting Obamacare.

The truth is the White House has spent the last year pleading its case to no avail. The facts don’t lie. More Americans oppose than favor Obamacare.

More people than not believe the stimulus has failed. The Democrats’ policies are flawed and largely unpopular.

A prominent Democrat, Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, said they lost the American public when it came to health care and the stimulus bill.

“The White House lost the communications battle on both major initiatives, and they lost it early,” he said.

And that is the further divide between the American public and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The notion is that it’s our fault. The public isn’t paying attention or we aren’t capable of picking up what this White House is putting down.

In actuality, it’s the politicians’ stubborn arrogance that cripples their ability to see that their policies are foolish and flawed.

I have had enough. There has to be a change.

Republicans need a 40-seat swing in the House and only 10 seats in the Senate to gain control.

The GOP agenda is highlighted by a plan to block implementation of key parts of Obama’s health care law and new financial regulations.

Republicans laid out some of their plans last month in the “Pledge to America,” which also called for tax and spending cuts of up to $100 billion or more.

“If the public puts us in the majority, they’re saying that they want this to go forward,” said Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., one of the pledge’s architects. “Obama would be in a hard position not to support this.”

So Tuesday when Americans head to the polls we will have the chance to make our voices heard and demand the change we were promised two years ago.
Democrats have spent the last two years dropping the ball. It’s time for some real change.

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