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One-on-One: Should Brett Favre play this weekend?

Originally published October 29, 2010


Brett Favre is known for his miraculous comebacks and epic failures, Right now, Favre really needs a miracle.

Controversy is swirling around him more viciously than when he entered a rehab center for a Vicodin addiction back in 1996. Of course, back then, the 24-hour news cycle was nowhere near as cruel as it is today.

Of course, after he came out of rehab, he became the NFL MVP and won the Super Bowl, prompting the punky QB Jim McMahon to say “Maybe we should all go into rehab!”

This is what we are used to seeing from Favre – the comeback no one predicted.

If he were to sit out the next couple of weeks and lose his consecutive starts streak, Favre may end his career with a non-characteristic whimper.

We’ve counted him out many times before. When he was wasting away in Green Bay for years, he suddenly led the Packers to the NFC Championship game.

When he ended his New York Jets career with a dud, he came back with the Minnesota Vikings to have the greatest statistical season in his career.

An epic performance this Sunday would, for at least a moment, erase the vicious news cycle surrounding the Jenn Sterger controversy and make us remember why America wants him to come back every year.       

-Zach Berg




Two fractures in one ankle, a 7-10 touchdown-interception ratio and a bruised ego?

Anybody else and it would be no question this player would not be playing next week.

But since it’s Brett Favre, he believes he can still play.

Of course he can still play, never before has a player been allowed to be more stubborn in sports.

Whatever mojo Favre had last year is long gone. Someone should probably check the pockets of his Wrangler jeans he wore last year and see if he left it there.

Favre has been holding the Vikings back and has allowed a sloppy Bears team to slide into first place at about the halfway mark this season.

The interceptions and fumbles are not only plentiful, but have come at the worst times this year.

Last Sunday, the Vikings had the opportunity to get right in the thick of things in the NFC North, but three interceptions in the second half of a four-point game doomed them.

Favre was the major reason why the Vikings could have and probably should have played in the Super Bowl last season, but this year he has had the opposite effect.

If Brad Childress wants to salvage this season in a clearly salvageable division, he’ll sit Favre. And if Favre wants to make life easier on himself, he’ll leave texting to the teenagers.

-Bill Hopkins


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