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3,2,1 Bake! The ultimate quarantine baking list

Tired of binging Netflix and scrolling through Instagram? How about making some quality ‘gram material? Even better, how about making something totally postable that you can thoroughly enjoy!

After watching way too many episodes of any cooking show, (I’m looking at you “The Great British Baking Show”) it is easy to believe that you could cook or bake anything made on the show. Well, master bakers, this is the list for you!

Instead of making brownies, cupcakes or chocolate chip cookies for the third week in a row, challenge yourself to something new. Either you will end up with something delicious to eat or you will have a funny fail to post.

1. For those missing out on your favorite coffee shop snacks or breakfast pastries, try this swirled cinnamon sugar croissant loaf, which just looks like it belongs in a Panera Bread display case.

Do you consider yourself a chocoholic? If so, this is the recipe for you: death by chocolate no-bake cheesecake bars. These bars are the perfect fix for a late-night chocolate craving.

Someone with a major sweet tooth will definitely want to try out this recipe for cookie dough truffles. These simple truffles taste like cookie dough, but without the worry of eating raw eggs.

Cookie Dough Truffles

Still craving cookies, but sick of making traditional chocolate chip? Try out these salted caramel pretzel sugar cookies.

For anyone missing going out, maybe give this giant skillet brownie a try. This looks just like the ones you see at restaurants like Chili’s, but making it at home means you can eat the whole thing by yourself without the staff judging you.

(Giant) Skillet Brownie

Wanting something a little more adventurous? Try out this recipe for tiramisu. Just follow the steps carefully and this treat should be a breeze to make.

Looking for something a little more fruity or perhaps just daydreaming of summer? This recipe for pineapple upside-down cake is sure to suit your fancy.

Low on ingredients? No problem! For those without a kitchen full of ingredients, try out these 3-ingredient peanut butter and banana popsicles.

Interested in something a little more international? Try your hand at making a classic French recipe: macarons!

Bored with banana bread? For the next batch, switch it up. While you aren’t supposed to compare apples to bananas, this recipe for apple bread may cause you to start.

Cookie Dough Truffles

These recipes are just a small sampling of the ones you can find online. During this time, it’s important to stay busy. Blow the dust off some old cookbooks or try something off this list; just do what you can to make the most of quarantine.

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