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E-Card Excellence

For some, Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to let that special someone in your life know just how much you appreciate them. For others, it can be a large reminder just how single they really are.
But not anymore.
Thanks to websites like Tumblr, a new breed of Valentine’s Day cards have been gaining popularity on the interwebs.
The catch is that these particular e-cards are extremely cheesy and poorly made, generally with a pop-culture figure standing out against a colored background (clearly done on Microsoft Paint) with a terrible pickup line relating to the picture. The absolute best worst part about these is that they are all in Comic Sans font.
One might think this trend is a product of Internet boredom, but I would like to argue that this may very well be the best thing to happen to Valentine’s Day since chocolate.
First of all, they’re funny.
Whether it’s genuine humor or just plain bad puns, one can’t help but appreciate these gems.
These e-cards may be the most inclusive forms of flattery simply because there are so many different kinds.
There is a vast number of pop-culture references within this realm of pixelated pickup lines, and just about anyone can find a relevant Valentine for any person in their life.
In accordance with this trend, you can send them to your friends as a joke and feel more included in Valentine’s Day festivities. Nothing beats getting a terribly inappropriate e-card of Lana Del Rey or various former presidents.
These cards can also be sent at just about any time of the year, because they are funny on any occasion.
Truthfully, Valentine’s Day has turned into quite a consumerist holiday, which in itself is unnerving. We should be showing the ones we love how much we appreciate them more often, not just on a holiday that is aimed at emptying your wallet on a few roses and chocolate.
Instead, send them these cards to brighten up their day, even if it’s just for a quick chuckle.
One of the guiltiest of pleasures.

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