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THE EARBUG: The Ultimate Halloween Playlist

In this special Halloween edition of the Earbug, the Voice would like to present the perfect playlist for all your costumed fun. Ranging from spooky to silly to sexy, we’ve got your party covered.

Thriller- Michael Jackson

I don’t think this actually needs any explanation, do you? If you do think it needs an explanation, I will direct you to one of the best music video epics of its time. Learn the dance and join society. You won’t regret it. This is the ultimate Halloween anthem.

The Time Warp- The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Speaking of Halloween dances, the “Time Warp” is one of those fantastically weird gems. It’s easy to learn, considering the song includes all instructions needed. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a weird cult phenomenon that you’ll love if you give it a chance. It doesn’t make sense but it is hilarious, and the “Time Warp” just embodies this spirit.

The Monster Mash- Misfits & John Cafiero

“The Monster Mash” is a preschool classic that you can’t help but love. It is silly and catchy and just about every kid in America knows it. The Misfits version is more of a punk rock spin on the old favorite; with some strains of rockabilly thrown in to make the perfect resurrected monster jam.

God’s Away on Business- Tom Waits

This song is so creepy. Tom Waits has the perfect voice for a Halloween bash. People might look at you a little weird if you throw this on right away so sandwich it between something a little more mainstream and then enjoy. It feels like a graveyard march full of skeletons and a few zombies, off to take their place on Halloween night.

Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)- David Bowie

We’re of the firm opinion that it’s not a party until someone plays some Bowie. Luckily for Halloween, “Scary Monsters” is a fitting addition to a creepy crawly playlist. Featuring his signature post-modernism electronic sound, this track will give your party the alien feel. Bring out the strobe lights and fog machine for this one and watch your house become a haunted mansion in no time.


Dragula- Rob Zombie

Can we just go ahead and agree that Rob Zombie is one of the scariest looking performers on earth? Besides Marilyn Manson, you don’t get a whole lot more All Hallows Eve than Mr. Zombie. This song is everything the man and his movies stand for, metal and supernatural dark lyrics. Perfect for the kid who shows up as a gothic cat and wants to mosh.

Disturbia- Rihanna

Disclaimer: This does not mean we think Rihanna is some great artist or anything. Meatloaf almost made this list, ok? But in the interest of a diverse playlist with some more mainstream but still theme-worthy jams, “Disturbia” fits into the mix really well. It is creepy but you can dance to it. Considering the meaning of Halloween costumes for most college ladies, a sexy upbeat song like “Disturbia” is a necessity.

Monster- Kanye West, Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj & Bon Iver

Again, in the interest of having some mainstream party songs on this list, this is a legit Halloween rap. We may or may not have picked it simply because we love the part where Nicki yells that she’s a monster (it’s priceless), but it’s a solid track anyway and it fits the theme.

This is Halloween- Marilyn Manson

Remember when we said the only person in music who was creepier than Rob Zombie was Marilyn Manson? Yeah. There you go. This is the theme song for one of our favorite Christmas Halloween movies (poor Thanksgiving always gets left behind) and it makes for a fun yet dark party song. It is super campy, and isn’t that exactly why we all like Halloween?

While this list is far from exhaustive, it will get your party off to the right start.

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