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Yog(otta) Try This: Five reasons every college student should practice yoga

There’s more to yoga than just the pants.

Being a Yogi may seem like a sorry excuse for a workout, but it isn’t. It’s more of a workout than you are going to get out of a weight lifting session at the gym. Yoga challenges you to clear your mind for a mental and physical work out, and the Markin Center offer yoga classes, which is the perfect starting ground.  This is a total fitness exercise out that can improve not just your belly fat but also your overall happiness.

Get swoll.

It may not be obvious at first, but yoga is about testing every muscle in your body. The different poses you go through will push your body to limits you can’t get to on a treadmill. Some poses will strengthen muscles you didn’t even know you had.
Just breathe.

Yoga will teach you how to breathe again. With midterms just around the corner and the constant pressure of classes, there is nothing more satisfying than taking 30 minutes for a mental break. In a class full of people, with the right breathing exercises, you’ll let go of your stresses.

Slow it down.

The teachings of yoga show an individual how to live in the present. If you’re worrying about the doom of graduation, yoga can help you be more aware of the present. We can’t worry about the things we can’t control, and this kind of workout can help you feel at peace with that.

Empower yourself, yo!

Yoga teaches you to have strength from within. It promotes self-healing and helps you remove negative thoughts from your mind. After one session, a person can feel rejuvenated and self-empowered.

Healthy mind, healthy body.

These two go hand in hand. As we all know, exercising releases endorphins that can keep you happy. This is the best kind of D.I.Y therapy, and yoga is one of the easiest ones in which to get involved with. Be kind to you!

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