SBO elections close, Vaughn wins sec. of finance

Following a relatively uneventful student body officer campaign season, 10 percent of the students made their choice and elected four new SBOs for the next academic year.   With three of the four uncontested races, sophomore Jason Blumenthal, sophomore Sarah Handler, junior Hunter Vaughn and freshman Olga Krapivner were announced […]

Bradley golfer wins MVC golfer of the week

Junior Seth Trolia won the Bradley Invitational with a career-best second round 68, which fueled the men to a tie for third place overall. Trolia claimed medal honors for the second time this year. He said that he enjoyed playing the course and thought that it laid out well for […]

Bradley tennis suffers winless weekend

Both of Bradley’s tennis teams were in action from April 4-6 and neither of them were able to walk away with a victory. The women’s team lost on Saturday to no. 50 Wichita St. 6-0. Freshman Ariel Dechter came the closest to winning a set for the Braves, but she […]

One-on-One: What is the best sports movie?

Remember The Titans With Kevin Costner’s latest foray into the sporting world hitting theatres today, we decided we’d debate which sports movie deserves the crown of best all-time. It’s clear to me that movie is “Remember the Titans.” The movie came out in 1998. It stars Denzel Washington and includes […]

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Voice reminds you that these bands still exist

Hey there, Delilah. What’s it like under the radar? That could be a legitimate line from one of the Plain White T’s most famous songs due to the fact that the group has been so out of the spotlight for the past few years. Let’s do a little recap, shall […]

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Voice reminds you that these bands still exist

Disappointment has in fact set in, and I’ve decided it’s time to accept what we’re getting. Although I can’t change that The Fray is headlining my last semester at Bradley, I can come to terms with how hard I plan to rock out when the teenager in me sings alongside […]

Spoilers Ahead Farewell to HIMYM

It’s finally coming to an end, and I couldn’t be more relieved. After nine seasons of “How I Met Your Mother” we are finally going to get closure on, dare I say it, an overly drawn-out series on March 31. Let me clarify, I loved “How I Met Your Mother” […]

Student newspaper is not public relations

For those of you who don’t know: The Scout is a student-run, student-produced newspaper. And we will continue to do things this way. In the past few weeks, we’ve received criticism from members of the administration and Bradley staff for the way we do things. But we don’t think what […]

Editorial 4.4.14: SBO Endorsements: 2014-2015

Note: The following endorsement was based off of a consensus of The Scout staff.   In our 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 SBO endorsements, we were faced with the dilemma of who to endorse because there were so many candidates running. While we are left wondering how we went from 17 candidates […]

SBO Presidential Candidate calls student body to action

Dear editors and the student body,   I write this acknowledging the fact that not a single student is formally running against me for the student body president position. I would like to respond to a few of the questions that were posed in the opinion section printed in the […]