‘Espresso Yourself’ at nearby cafe

At the edge of Bradley’s campus sits a newly-established cafe filled with colorful furniture and the aroma of coffee. Espresso Yourself is the newest of several Peoria cafes, but owner Abdul Qattoum says Espresso Yourself is different in that the … read more


Baseball bids Shockers adieu

After announcing nearly two weeks ago they were leaving the Missouri Valley Conference, Wichita State knew they were facing Bradley baseball for, likely, the last time ever. The Braves made the most of their last meeting, swiping two out of … read more


End-of-semester survival guide

There are less than two weeks left of classes, which means final exams are approaching. Our motivation may be dwindling, our grades may be slipping and our bodies may be deteriorating from over-caffeination, but there’s still time to save ourselves. … read more


Inner dialogue of a clueless hockey fan

This scenario is based off previous hockey-watching experiences and does not depict any recent events of the Blackhawks playoff series, which I’d like to remind everyone they are losing in. [Blackhawks game is five minutes from starting] Geez, everyone is … read more


Panelists preach advocacy for Syria

As the Syrian refugee crisis wages on overseas, the disagreements about U.S. policy in the matter have not ceased either. On Wednesday, the Bradley International Affairs Organization (IAO) brought in three panelists from around the country to discuss humanitarian law … read more