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Our Staff

Editor-in-Chief: Tony Xu

Managing Editor: Cole Bredahl

News Editor: Haley Johnson

Copy Editor: Meghan Anderson

Copy Editor: Conor McEntee

Copy Editor: Angeline Schmelzer

News Reporter: Hannah Snidman

Sports Editor: Austin Shone

Assistant Sports Editor: Anthony Landahl

Sports Reporter: Justin Limoges

Voice Editor: Mackenzie Newman

Assistant Voice Editor: Maddy White

Design Editor: Natasha Lee

Graphics Editor: Sophia Post

Multiplatform Manager: Logan Pfalzgraf

Photo Editor: William Craine

Assistant Photo Editor: Katelyn Edwards

Sports Reporter & Photographer: Justin Limoges

Sports Photographer: Kayla Johnson

Senior Advertising Manager: Hannah Yglesias

Advertising Manager: Michaella Busato

Advertising Representative: John Finn

Adviser: Chris Kaergard


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The Scout is published by members of the undergraduate student body of Bradley University. Opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of the university. 

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