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Alcohol education welcomes new face

As part of the new Comprehensive Alcohol Action Plan, the university has hired a new director.
Lyndsey Withers is the new Interim Coordinator of Alcohol Education Programs.
“The reason that I am the interim is because I haven’t received my master’s degree, and that is an important piece to have,” Withers said. “I will be receiving it in December and I plan on applying for the position officially at the end of March.”
In March, the board will begin looking for a permanent person to take over the position.
The job has a lot of responsibilities.
“I am in charge of all the Late Night BU activities, making sure that my office is well-known as a resource center for people with questions or concerns [and] informing concerned people in alcohol education,” Whithers said. “And also I’m also responsible for everything in the alcohol plan that hasn’t been put into action yet.”
Withers has been a part of Help, Empower and Teach and SONOR since her freshman year, and she still plays a key role in both of those organizations.
One other responsibility Withers has is a new program called the Peoria Community Coalition.
Withers assists the Executive Director of Student Development and Health Services Joyce Shotick with the new program.
“This program would help put a stop to underage drinking and illegal drug abuse not only at Bradley but also in the Peoria area,” Shotick said.
The first meeting for the coalition took place Wednesday, and it was an informational meeting to try and get the word out about the program, Shotick said.
“We need at least one person from 12 different sectors,” she said, “Some of the sectors include parents, businesses in the community, the media and some youth-serving organizations.”
If the program receives this grant, then it will receive $125,000 per year for two five-year cycles.
“I’m really excited to be able to brainstorm ideas about how to get the community involved in the program, and also how to receive support for it,” Shotick said. “I want Bradley students and faculty to be involved as well as people in the Peoria area.”
The first Late Night BU event will take place on Halloween.
“We are going to be having dodge ball games, the swimming pool will be open, the ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ will be playing and just a lot other activates going on all night,” Withers said.  “You would be a fool to miss Late Night BU.”
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