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Bradley makes a sale at competition

The Bradley sales team placed sixth overall at the National Collegiate Sales Competition (NCSC) from March 31 through April 2. The competition was hosted by Kennesaw State University in Georgia.

According to Bradley’s website, NCSC is “a national selling competition for college students interested in pursuing careers in professional sales.” The two students who performed the best at the Bradley Sales Contest hosted in the fall are the ones who represent Bradley at the NCSC.

Representing Bradley as the two competitors were junior marketing professional sales major Natalie Cabell and senior marketing major Jessica Feberova. For the NCSC, undergraduates were scored as a team and as individuals. Feberova placed seventh individually.

“[NCSC] was unlike anything I’ve experienced before,” Feberova, who placed seventh individually, said. “I’m not going to lie, it was very stressful but so incredibly exciting and rewarding at the same time. The excitement and adrenaline that follow make every second of stress worth it.”

In addition to the two competitors, Bradley sent one alternate and four sales support students. The alternate and sales support students were responsible for helping competitors prepare by doing research and providing feedback.

“Everybody on the team is pulling the rope in that same direction, and we really had … great team dynamics,” Brad Eskridge, sales team coach and instructor of marketing, said. “I just want to say thank you to everybody because without the entire team, we don’t do well. I’m really proud of them all.”

To join the team, interested students completed an application in September for Eskridge to review. Then, applicants went through an interview process before seven sales team members were finally chosen.

“It’s a pretty rigorous process to become a member of the sales team here at Bradley,” Eskridge said. “We’re really looking for the best, the brightest, the most committed students.”

Once the students were selected, they began learning about their product and running through role-plays. The contestants practiced foreign scenarios with corporate buyers to prepare for NCSC.

“The contest is similar to the role-play students conduct in their sales classes, but with the added fun of competing against students from other universities,” Cabell said. “After prepping for four months, finally getting into the room and being able to use your skills to handle any possible scenario they threw at you was so fun.”

NCSC was founded in 1999 and Bradley has participated every year since 2004. This year, the event included over 70 teams.

“You get to compete in one of the nation’s best collegiate sales competitions, as well as network with impressive companies that are specifically looking for sales majors,” Cabell said. “NCSC is an exhilarating experience.”

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