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Bradley offers a variety of parking options

Parking at Bradley is allowed in various locations for a variety of parkers.

Several types of permits are given for different reasons on Bradley’s campus, which allow for parking in certain locations.

Parking permits are required for any on-campus area on from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m weekdays. Parking permits can be purchased online at

Students living in residence halls can park in Duryea Parking Deck, Main Street Parking Deck and behind the Student Apartment Complex. Residents of the St. James Complex can park in the lots surrounding their apartment buildings if they purchase parking passes.

Also with passes, commuter students can park in Main Street Parking Deck, the lot behind College Hall, the lots in front of the dormitories on Elmwood or the lot behind the Kaufman Building.

In order to be considered a valid permit, the permit must be placed in the lower left corner of the outside rear window of a vehicle.

The Visitor Parking lots on campus are located by the Bookstore, Renaissance Coliseum and Markin Center. Visitors must leave the lots by 7 a.m. the day after parking.

Director of Parking and Conferences Charmin Hibberd said students and staff members cannot park in the Visitor Parking lots.

“Some students will think because they live off-campus, like at St. James, and they’re visiting one of their friends in the dorms, that they can use those lots, but that’s not true,” Hibberd said.

Failure to follow parking regulation can result in citations that range from $15 to $200.

“I’ve had a few parking tickets before, and they’ve been from early in the morning and in the afternoon,” Andrea Barr, a senior elementary education major, said. “I’m a student teacher and I think there should be a little leniency for people who have jobs and have to leave for them in the early morning. I understand [the rules], but it’s expensive and not always safe for me to walk to get my car on the street or in a parking deck early in the morning or late at night.”

Hibberd said parking citations are just a small part of parking revenue. Permits garner much more money.

“Permits, citations and tows all go into the Bradley general fund account,” Hibberd said. “The money is allocated in different locations, but one part of it is maintaining the surface lots — so, filling potholes, repainting the lines, repairing the signs, cleaning and other maintenance demands.”

According to Hibberd, the money is also used to clear snow and salt sidewalks.

Hibberd said the Parking Department encourages students to contact them for more information at (309) 677-2227 or email them at

“It can be tricky for freshmen and new staff members to learn the new policies, rules and regulations for this campus,” Hibberd said. “This is why when freshmen purchase permits, we go over the rules longer with them and show them a map of where they can park so they can avoid citations.”

Hibberd said the rules don’t change, so the upperclassmen generally have less issues with parking regulation.

The most noticeable change, in parking policy occurred in 2013, which allowed freshmen students living in dorms to bring their vehicles to campus. Before 2013, freshmen were not allowed to have a vehicle on campus.

“We realized that that ability to bring their car to Bradley was a deciding factor for some prospective students,” Hibberd said. “We looked at the factor of the Main Street Parking Deck and at how commuter students’ parking was, and decided there was enough space to accommodate the freshmen who wanted a car and the upperclassmen that already had them.”

Hibberd said the Parking Department is very happy with the change.

“It’s a challenge to navigating all the desires and needs of the different groups on campus,” Hibberd said. “We’re juggling commuters, dorm students, commuter and staff members and just trying to find the best solution to make everybody happy.”

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