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Breast Cancer Awareness Week raises money for research

Originally published October 29, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness Week was hosted by the Association of Residence Halls this week to raise money and promote awareness for the disease.

According to, about one in eight women will develop breast cancer.

“ARH picked breast cancer as their philanthropy because it affects so many people every year, that we knew most residents would care greatly about raising money to end the disease,” said ARH President Randy DuMez.

ARH put on a number of events for the cause, including double swipe Tuesday, where students swiped the id cards twice to raise money.

On Tuesday, ARH hosted a spa night. There was a midnight breakfast on Wednesday and a haunted house on Thursday, sponsored by Williams Hall Council with all proceeds going towards breast cancer.

“I thought that Bradley did a good job of organizing a lot of events to raise awareness about breast cancer,” said freshman AEP major Evan Fay. “Almost every day there was something going on, whether it was eating nachos or watching an all-male beauty pageant.”

Breast cancer affects millions of people, both men and women.

 “It’s a tough issue. My grandma was really strong, but she wasn’t able to beat breast cancer,” freshman AEP major Andrew Davis said. “It means a lot that everyone is trying to raise awareness and support for those who are still fighting.”

Students said they were happy to have shared a common goal to help fight breast cancer and grow as a community while helping spread awareness and motivating more people to get tested regularly.

“I think that Breast Cancer Awareness Week is a wonderful idea and a great way to spread the word about the seriousness of the issue,” said freshman elementary education major Molly Karpowicz. “I think all of the fundraising that goes on is amazing and inspiring. It shows that people care and it creates a bond between the community and students because it brings them together.”

ARH hopes to raise $4,000 to donate to the Peoria Cancer Center Foundation.

“It is extremely important to spread awareness and information about breast cancer since it is such a big issue in both men and women,” said freshman early childhood education major Emily Turk. “I like that there is a least a whole week dedicated to breast cancer awareness and that there are different activities and opportunities to raise money to support this cause.”

Students can also continue to help support the fight against breast cancer by donating directly to the Peoria Cancer Center Foundation at

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