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Busses rolling to St. Louis for Fall Break

St. Louis students lacking a ride home from Bradley for Fall Break are in luck.
For the first time, Bradley will be providing bus transportation to and from St. Louis for students wishing to go home beginning with Fall Break, which is Oct. 9 to Oct. 15.
Tickets will be $35 a person per one-way trip.
The idea for the St. Louis bus run occurred simultaneously with the university wanting to provide the service and students beginning to show interest, said Vice President of Student Affairs Alan Galsky.
“The university has had a lot of interest in doing this for many years,” Galsky said. “St. Louis provides a lot of marketing opportunities for us. The students have desired this as well.”
For now, the buses to and from St. Louis will only run during Fall Break and during Thanksgiving break. Galsky said Bradley is starting slow with the St. Louis bus run before trying to venture anywhere else.
“I am hoping that as we build up our student population that we can go elsewhere,” he said. “But for now, we are just doing St. Louis.”
Galsky said he is eager to see a great turnout for the St. Louis bus run during Fall Break.
“We are excited about this, and we hope that previous student experience shows that we have enough student interest to start doing this thing on a regular basis,” Galsky said.
The process a student must endure to ride the bus is not complicated.
“The bus leaves at 3 p.m. the Friday of Fall Break, making several stops in the St. Louis area,” Galsky said. “Then it will leave the area at 3 p.m. the following Tuesday, making the same stops.”
Some students said they are excited about the St. Louis bus transportation plan.
“Being from the St. Louis area, I think that it’s a great idea to have buses take us back home,” said freshman music major Caroline Koncz. “I know that when my parents come and pick me up, take me home, drop me off back at school, and go back home themselves, it’s a 12 hour trip, which equals a lot in gas money. I am definitely hoping that they keep the buses transporting to St. Louis. I, for one, would use it frequently.”
The Student Affairs office will begin to publicize the trips next week when tickets go on sale. Until then, students seeking more information should contact the Student Affairs office.
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