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Campus traffic: A problem without a solution

Originally published November 12, 2010

Screeching tires can be heard around the clock at the intersection in front of the Michel Student Center.

“That intersection has always been an issue in regards to traffic safety,” University Police Lieutenant Troy Eeten said. “There just doesn’t seem to be very much we can realistically do about it.”

There is one particular issue at the intersection that seems to be causing the most accidents or near-accidents, Eeten said.

“Most incidents occur when drivers try to turn left onto Elmwood from Main Street,” he said. “The problem is, we can’t do much to stop this from happening.”

Eeten said there are a few ways to control the number of people turning left in that intersection, but none of the fixes are very realistic.

“We could forbid drivers from turning left there, but that isn’t very realistic and might cause a lot of other issues,” he said. “We could also completely stop traffic there, but that doesn’t seem like something that’s going to happen either. The intersection really is an issue, but I don’t know how we’re going to fix it.”

Director of Facilities Management Ronald Doerzaph said he agreed.

“I am really not sure what can be done to stop persons from making a left turn off Main and still allow a right turn off Main,” he said. “The most recent accident that took place at Main and Elmwood did not involve a student or a faculty/staff member. A vehicle turning left off Main and onto Elmwood was hit by a car traveling east on Main.”

Since Main Street is a city street, Bradley may not have any say in making the street safer, Doerzaph said.

“Main is under the jurisdiction of the City of Peoria Traffic Department,” he said. “They would probably be the ones responsible for making changes, and I am not sure what they could do to stop people from making a left off Main.”

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