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Constitution Day Promotes Freedom, Cadets Sworn In

Six years ago the late Sen. Robert Byrd attached one somewhat irrelevant sentence to the Omnibus spending bill. That sentence created Constitution Day, requiring publicly funded universities across the country to in some way celebrate the Constitution. Bradley observed it on Wednesday, featuring a handful of speakers and an all-campus picnic. “[This day is] to get a deeper meaning of the Constitution and the freedom we have today,” Galsky said.
Students and faculty seemed to be enjoying the fresh air and freedom of our country.
“It’s a beautiful day for freedom, everyday is a beautiful day for freedom,” Glassman said. “One single document that provides the freedoms we have today and every day in the future.” The Bradley Symphonic Winds also played a selection of patriotic songs. 
The picnic lunch had students celebrating and enjoying a selection of hamburgers, hot dogs, watermelon, potato salad, cupcakes and apple pie.
“I think it’s a great day and I’m happy so many people came out here,” Major Antwine Williams-Smith said.
The Bradley ROTC Color Guard presented the colors at the ceremony’s start.
The ROTC members were dressed in the appropriate camouflage
uniform. At the conclusion of the event they also retired the flags.
The Symphonic Winds played the selection of patriotic songs including our National Anthem, “The Star Spangled Banner,” and “God Bless America,” while sitting in the shade.
“It was much shorter than last year,” sophomore nursing major Debrah Rosenblum said. “I was glad we didn’t have to sit in the sun.”
Williams-Smith spoke about how the Constitution defines her job as an officer and defines the U.S. president’s job. She also spoke about some of the freedoms we appreciate today.
She said there are defining moments in each generation and for Generation X, the defining moment is Sept. 11. Earlier generations
dealt with the bombing of Pearl Harbor.
“We use it as a guiding force that shows the American ideals,” Williams-Smith said.
After she spoke Williams-Smith swore in two of Bradley’s own ROTC cadets, junior math and economics
major Margarita Rosites and construction management major Nate Zimmery.
These cadets took an official oath to the United States Military, swearing their allegiance.
Freshman AEP major Laura O’Radnik said she found the swearing in of ROTC cadets a unique experience.
“I found it very interesting, I was very impressed with the cadets taking the Oath,” she said.
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