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Faculty pay to use Markin, but get health screenings

Bradley faculty and staff now have to pay $120 annual fee to use the Markin Family Student Recreation Center, but it comes with an incentive.
Employees who have been working out, now pay a $10 monthly fee, but will have the option of participating in a free health assessment and receive a $100 rebate.
“If there is anyone who is not opposed to paying a fee to use this facility, it’s faculty and staff,” Director of the Markin Center Mike Keup said. “This is a super facility, and we all know we couldn’t buy a membership anywhere else for this amount.”
He said he thinks it is a great idea to motivate people to come in and have a complete health assessment done.
“I think we would be surprised to find out how many people do not go to the doctor on a regular bases,” Keup said. “And this assessment just gives you a bottom line on where you are at and encourages healthy living.”
The health screening includes a 75-question lifestyle survey, a 15-minute meeting to draw blood and to take measurements and a follow-up consultation.
The screening also includes a complete blood count, metabolic panel and blood-sugar level, blood pressure and heart rate test.
“The questionnaire includes everything from if you smoke to ‘are you wearing a seatbelt?’” Keup said. “It is a true health assessment.”
The results show the participants fall on the fitness scale and in which areas they can improve.
Keup said at first there was some skepticism from Bradley staff about the health screenings and the motivation behind it.
“People were thinking that it was maybe Bradley’s way to find something else out, or to force something on them,” he said. “But now, after they have seen what it is really all about and that a third party is providing the health service, they think it is a good thing.”
So far about 500 employees have signed up to partake in the screening.
Although the health assessment had been planned for a while, the timing may not be coincidental.
“We thought with the opening of the Markin Center and the implantation of the new fee, this would be a perfect time to get the staff and faculty to take a look at their health and to encourage them to use the new facility,” Vice President for Student Affairs Alan Galsky said. “Bradley as an employer is always looking for ways to improve the work place and to be able give our employees an opportunity to improve their health, it is just a really nice combination. From what I can tell, the participation by faculty and staff has been well received.”
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