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Geisert cafeteria will see a renovation and expansion during next year

Geisert Hall has been having problems lately with mold and bedbugs in the dorms, but Geisert cafeteria has been doing just fine.
This semester, the cafeteria went under new management and Mary Smith, who formally managed Williams, has already made many significant improvements.
Beginning this semester, a full sandwich bar was opened which includes a variety of meats, cheeses, vegetables, peanut butter and jelly spreads along with several bread options.  Previously the sandwich bar was only open on certain days of the week, now students have access to sandwiches every weekday during both lunch and dinner.
“I feel as though they are stepping up their game,” said freshman communication major Elise Andert. “There’s more variety and daily options. I give them two thumbs up.”
In addition to the sandwich bar, students now are able scoop their own ice cream and choose from a variety of assorted toppings ranging from M&M pieces to raspberry topping.
A nacho cheese dispenser and pretzel machine have also become new members in the cafeteria.
“I have always been in marketing and I am always looking for new things to bring to the students,” Smith said.
Evening cooks Jeff Rivas and Eric Estrada said that they have been paying more attention to the presentation of the food.
“We take pride in what we do and what we serve,” said Estrada. “We try hard to bring different varieties and we mess around with recipes.”
Sophomore health science major Kelly Short said she has taken notice of improved quality of the food being served daily.
“I’m loving all of the changes Geisert is making,” she said. “The fresh fruit is great and you can tell they are trying to make things more healthy.”
Even though many students have noticed a difference in the quality of food being served, Rivas said the majority of what is served is pre-made.
“Unfortunately, only 25 percent of what we serve is homemade,” he said. “That includes the ranch dressing, spinach lasagna, sausage gravy, pasta salads and the pizza.”
Smith hasn’t only looked into the selection of foods that can be served to students, but she has explored new ideas that would allow more access to the cafeteria.
Smith said students who enjoy light breakfasts can look forward to a continental breakfast in Geisert within the next year. The cafeteria will be opened in the morning so students can enjoy a simple breakfast like cereal, danishes and muffins, cut fresh fruit and juice, she said.
“I know a lot of students, girls especially, enjoy light breakfasts,” Smith said. “By having a continental breakfast they will be able to grab something to eat in the morning.”
Smith said she is also looking into opening the cafeteria during the afternoon for snacking purposes.
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