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Get to know the Student Body Officer candidates

President: Dave Jensen

Year: Junior

Major: Management and leadership

Main goal: “Some of my main goals include increasing event partnership between our student organizations, increasing sexual assault awareness — not just during the month of April — and focusing on the inclusion of all students on campus. My main goal directly related to Student Senate is more campus outreach. I want to be sure that everyone knows who their elected representatives are, because everyone’s opinions matter. I want to attend organization meetings and put faces to Student Senate because the Bradley experience is personal.”


Speaker of the Assembly: Kelsey Vogt

Year: Junior

Major: Finance

Main goal: “One thing I really want to focus on is more collaboration, but not collaboration between the faculty and students, but collaboration between students and students. That’s an issue that I’m starting to see not only between some organizations that could be collaborating to create better things for this campus, but within organizations themselves. For example, on Senate we have the [Student Body Officers] and the vice president, and then we have the senators who are representing their constituents, and sometimes there’s disconnect within our own organization, and I think that’s something we can totally tackle and work on revamping.”


Secretary of the Assembly: Kalah Anderson

Year: Senior

Major: FCS hospitality leadership

Main goal: “My main goal for the term is to definitely make some type of better communication. I know sometimes not all of the communication is gotten to different groups or organizations, so I want to find a cohesive way to be able to make sure that communication is strong between different university policies, between different groups and organizations on things that are going on on campus as well as the higher authority on campus.”


Secretary of Finance: Luke Versweyveld

Year: Junior

Major: Management and leadership

Main goal: “I want to be an advocate for the organizations that we have [on campus]. Whether or not they are getting funding, I think we should definitely take the opportunity to put the spotlight on our organizations just to bring awareness to them because a lot of people work really, really hard in those organizations, and we have some really, really great ones on campus.”

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