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Gradaute school fair sees large turnout

The Smith Career Center hosted the largest Graduate School Fair yet with a total of 75 registered programs last Thursday.
Students had the opportunity to speak to representatives from a variety of areas such as law, business, communications and many more.
Participating programs came from across the country, including California, Georgia, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and New York.
SCC Director of Career Development Rick Smith said the event was intended to be a learning experience for students and alumni to meet with representatives, ask questions and collect material. 
Smith said if a student knows or thinks they would like to go to graduate school, it’s important for them to get the proper information and help. 
“[Students should] find out about any admissions requirements, exams they need to take, application procedures, how should they pay for this and compare different programs,” he said. 
Even if a student is unsure of attending graduate school, whether it is because of an uncertainty in a major or are of specialization, consideration should still be given. 
“There’s many more programs available at the graduate level that are specific, than they are at the undergraduate level,” Smith said. “For instance a student might be majoring in English right now but then they decide to go into specifically literature of France – it gets really tight and specific at the graduate level.”
The SCC is willing to help students with any graduate school concerns, but Smith said he suggests students to talk with their faculty advisors. 
He said although the SCC can offer some assistance, such as if a student wants to get different options, clarifications, a personal statement reviewed or discuss a timeline, it’s best to speak to an advisor since graduate school is an academic-type exploration. 
Director of the Prelaw Center Maria Vertuno said she not only recommends students to speak to their advisors, but also to speak to people who are already involved in their desired field.
She said if a student would like to go into law for example, for them to talk to lawyers to clarify the misconceptions created by television and the news.  
While graduate school is important, the option is not encouraged for everyone. 
“It matters on the field – there are some fields that classically lend themselves to graduate school, law for instance, but other fields not so necessarily,” Smith said. 
Vertuno said going to graduate school would greatly depend on the students interest.
Smith said funds are major consideration in determining whether graduate school would be a wise investment to the specific individual. 
“If a student puts all this money in, will they be able to recoup that when they get into their job? That’s a major component,” he said. 
Vertuno said she agreed cost is a big factor considering.
“Graduate school is pricey and there isn’t enough financial aid available,” she said.” However it should not stop anyone from going.”
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