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New senate seats still open

Senate wasted no time getting acclimated and started the semester by approving 11 new senators.

“Last semester was a very, very active semester and I am excited for this semester,” said Vice President of Student Affairs Alan Galsky. “This is a very exciting time to be at Bradley.”

The approval of new members was a major part of the restructuring plan Student Body President Kyle Malinowski proposed as part of his platform while running for student body president last spring.

“Jobst Hall, which is used the most for engineering, needs some work done and deserves change,” said Representative of the Engineering and Technology College Adrienne Brasche. “I want to make that happen.”

Senate created 14 new senator positions, three of which have yet to be filled. These new positions were added to represent multiple student body organizations on campus such as the academic colleges and athletics department.

“I want to be a part of senate so that the athletes can better voice their opinion with the student body,” said Braves Council representative Kourtnie Janson “And [so athletes can] create a better relationship with the student body.”

Seven of the 14 new positions are for student body organizations. Two of those seats are for the Activities Council and the Association of Residence Halls, both of which will permanently remain on senate. The other five seats are open for any student organization on campus that wishes to be represented. Each organization that serves is unable to serve for two consecutive years in order to allow every organization a chance.

“I think that the restructuring of senate will be a great way of making sure students who previously did not have a voice on campus to be heard,” said St. James Senator Jon Doremus.

By joining senate mid-way through the year the new slate members are given the benefit of merging with already experienced members who have been on senate since the beginning of the school year Malinowski said.

“The new members who have joined have the advantage of looking to the existing senate,” he said. “That way they are given the ability to fall into the footsteps of previously sworn in members.”

All new slate members are to serve for the next two semesters, ending their term at the end of the fall semester in 2010. Then next fall half of the senators and chairpersons’ terms will end and new members will be petitioned in. New members next fall will also have the advantage of joining the existing experienced senate, Malinowski

With this strategy, there will always be a group of members serving on senate with one semester of experience. Malinowski said this type of senate organization is referred to as perpetual because it offers the new members the advantage of learning from existing members instead of starting new each year.

Chairs are still available for any student who would like to get involved in senate.

Senator positions are open for Geisert, Harper/Wyckoff and off-campus. Senate is also looking for students to represent the Fine Arts College and Graduate School. Senate is accepting petitions for any of these open chairs.

A petition can be downloaded for Senate’s Web site,

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