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Q & A: If you met Lydia, what would you say?

“Lydia was one of the firsts [female founders] in our country, which is really amazing because, as young feminists, we get to come to a college that started off appreciating us and fighting for our rights.”

-Mackenzie Newman, freshman, theater arts and advertising


“I love the legacy Lydia brings as far as women empowerment.”

-Grace Elisco, freshman, management and leadership


“What I would tell Lydia is thank you for starting a school that has an environment where I’m able to learn, grow and get hands-on experience in my chosen field.”

-Ethan McConkey, senior, sports communication


“She made sure that we would always be on time.”

-Andrew Bogetz, junior, management information systems



“Thanks for not letting yourself be bound by gender stereotypes, for taking the initiative to start a university and act as such a great philanthropist to a community that really needed it and not being afraid to leave such a great legacy.”

-Katherine Folan, sophomore, organizational communications


“I would tell Lydia that she looks good as a statue.”

-Alex Graika, sophomore, mechanical engineering

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