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SBO campaigning starts

With the school year coming to a close, Student Senate still has one more task on its agenda: electing student body officers.
Candidate names along with tickets and platforms were officially released on the senate website earlier this week, revealing four candidates running for president.

“I’m happy there are multiple candidates running for president,” Elections Subcommittee Co-chairman William Lopez said. “This will provide aid to the integrity of elections, as opposed to just one or two candidates. I think it will bring out the best qualities of all the candidates. I’m excited.”

Only two of the four presidential candidates are running on a ticket with other candidates.

Blue Ticket
Campaigning together on the blue ticket are four candidates. Junior and current Student Body Vice President Tricia Anklan is running for president alongside senior marketing major Devon Schulz, for vice president. Also on the ticket are sophomores accounting major Jeff Baumgartner for treasurer and history major Kyle Mathers for secretary.

Goals of the blue ticket include creating a pamphlet to inform students of their rights with the police, hosting an open forum with Health Services and reconvening the committee that created the Alcohol Action Plan for evaluation.

“We are going to do our best to reach all demographics and to reach the whole student body,” Anklan said. “Competition really brings out the best in everyone and it also makes them work harder.”

Red Ticket
Running together on the red ticket are sophomores Zachary Lattmann, a political science major, campaigning for president and history major Derek Cantu, for vice president.

The red ticket platform consists of several goals including creating more food options on campus, including leasing food service space to private franchises, to improve channels of communication with the administration in order to improve campus security as well as to restore the integrity and functionality of senate.

“I decided to run in November,” Cantu said. “I love Senate a lot, and I want to do my part.”

In addition to the blue and red tickets, there are two presidential candidates running independently.

Andrew Englebrecht, a sophomore social work and sociology major is campaigning on the belief that students deserve to have their voices heard and that they should have a say in where  tuition money goes.

“As far as the other competition goes I think it is better to have a few people running rather than just one or two,” he said. “It shows people are interested and want to make changes. I am trying to give it a shot because I think I can do the best job.”

Englebrecht said he will do whatever it takes to campaign, and he has already started by chalking sidewalks.

“[I will campaign with] Facebook, chalking, posters and flyers, visit sororities and fraternities and maybe hangout in the student center and talk to people,” he said. “ I want to try to get my name out to as many people as possible.”

Junior international business major Ivan Gonzalez-Gimenez is pushing to environmentally modernize campus with new technology and the use of solar energy.

“A university is a place of development and I see campus as a place where a lot of changes can be made,” he said. “I want to push for a more energy efficient campus that can save students money.”

Candidate campaigning officially began on Monday and will continue through the elections, beginning on April 4. To view full profiles of each ticket and candidate visit the student senate website at

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