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Senate celebrates MAP grant success

Proud of its hard work, Senate confidently dissolved the MAP grant Ad-hoc Committee on Monday. For Senate, the demolition of this committee represents success and the push to move forward.
“The committee was a great success,” Student Body President Kyle Malinowski said. “It completed all we wanted and desired.”
The committee, which was chaired by Student Body Treasurer Patrick Campbell, was created to vocalize issues regarding the MAP grant to make the student body more informed and aware.
Students involved in this committee organized the summit that took place on campus and partook in the rallying in Springfield. The committee was created under the condition that it would be extinguished once its task had been completed.
Senate was excited to extinguish the committee because of success rather than failure.
“I now walk around with a swagger,” said Senator Jon Doremus. “Because I’m proud of what Student Senate has done.”
The reinstatement of the grant ensures funding for 1,400 Bradley students next semester.
“The success gives us more confidence and shows that we can actually do something,” Malinowski said. “We can really make a difference.”
St. James Senator Michael Konieczny said this shows the administration is able to see what Senate can accomplish and now they will view Senate “in a new light.”
Senate has saved the education of many Bradley students, and is enthusiastic to move on to bigger projects and new problems.
To strengthen the team, Senate recently welcomed two new faces to join the General Assembly.
With a majority vote, sophomore and biology/pre-med major Taylor Birky was petitioned as a senator for Geisert Hall.
Birky filled just one of the two available seats for Geisert. The second chair is still available for any student who would like to get involved.
A petition can be downloaded from Senate’s Web site,
A faculty member also joined Senate. Senate’s constitution calls for around four advisors to provide jurisdiction, insight and advising on all matters and Stephen Kerr was appointed as the Senate faculty advisor.
“I am quite honored to be your advisor,” he said. “As an undergrad [in college] I was quite involved on campus, and I am excited to be a part of this now.”
Currently serving as advisors to Senate are Director of Student Activities Michelle Whited and Graduate Assistant of Student Activities Jordan Ticaric. Kerr will be advising alongside them each week during Monday General Assembly meetings.
“[Advisors] are there to talk sense to the Senate when we get carried away,” Malinowski said. “Which is possible because we are all 18 to 22-year-old young adults who get caught up.”
Kerr is an accounting professor and has been a part of the Bradley faculty since 2007.
Malinowski said he thinks Kerr will be a valuable addition to Senate.
“I think he is going to be a great influence … and a wealth of knowledge,” he said.
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