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Student Senate approves SABRC budget for next year

Student Senate approved the Student Activities Budget Review Committee’s budget for 2009-10 on Monday with only one senator voting against it.
Wassim Elhouar, the senator who voted against the $207,199 budget, said it spent too much on certain events.
“There were a couple places where I feel like we could find someone to speak about the same thing for cheaper,” Elhouar said. “The Sheik for example is almost $2,000. That’s just too much.”
Shaykh Hjalid Yaseen was approved to give a lecture on the misperception that there is a relationship between Islam and terrorism. It will cost $1,970 to bring him to campus.
The budget also included $10,000 for SABRC marketing.
“The money for marketing is for promoting the SABRC name because it does not have a name on campus right now,” SABRC chair Jake Schmitt said. “Bradley usually gives out welcome baskets with fliers for organizations in them and we are going to put those fliers onto a flash drive with SABRC’s name on it.”
The number of student organizations requesting money from SABRC went from 27 last year to 37 this year, an increase of 37 percent.
“The increase is great,” Schmitt said. “We are glad to see more people asking for money and getting involved on campus.”
Senate was given a list of the approved organizations and the amounts those organizations would be receiving.
“I think Senate should be able to see which organizations were denied,” senator David Mullner said. “I know that is kind of SABRC’s job to make that choice but it is something that we should be able to see too.”
Each organization or event fell into one of nine categories: administrative, music, comedy, performing arts, novelty, films, lecture, sports and publication.
All of the requests under the sports category were approved, while just over half of those in the lecture category were funded.
Five music requests of 12 were funded, five of seven comedy requests and 13 of 19 administrative requests were funded.
Another topic of discussion at the Senate meeting was the price of movies shown in the Marty Theatre. The fall and spring film series will cost $17,536.
“For movies we have to pay copyright fees which can be $1,000 for new releases,” Director of Student Activities Michelle Whited said. “You can thank the movie companies for that.”
Whited also said the price for showing movies does not go away even after they are out on video for a while.
“The cheapest we have ever paid for a film is $650 and that was for a movie that had been out on video for five years,” Whited said. “That is just the movie business for you.”
Another event funded by SABRC this fall will be a Foam Party during Homecoming Week.
“The belief is that the attendance at the foam party will be even better next year because we already had one this year,” Whited said. “It is also a big promotion for homecoming.”
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