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Student Senate Treasurer quits

Student Senate started the semester with one less student body officer.

Senior accounting major Andrew Kerr submitted his letter of resignation at the end of last semester, leaving his position as student body treasurer.

Kerr said he has chosen to pursue other interests and is moving on from Senate.

“I’m going to focus on my other responsibilities and commitments on campus,” he said. “I’ve learned a lot. Senate has been the largest group of people I’ve worked with on a continual basis.”

Student Body President Nick Swiatkowski said the position of Student Body Treasurer is not a vital position to Student Senate and wouldn’t be opposed to not replacing Kerr.

“I don’t think [the resignation] will have too big of an effect and won’t hold us from working with the student body,” he said. “Treasurer duties don’t really tie into what Student Senate does.”

Swiatkowski said there has also been a struggle with members taking issues to a personal level.

“The biggest issue Senate has is that people are taking things too personally if someone doesn’t agree with you,” he said. “Different viewpoints turn into arguments and personal attacks.”

In addition to the resignation of a student body officer, Swiatkowski said Senate experienced a breakdown of communication last semester.

“It has been difficult with a few members and communicating,” he said. “They will need to pick up their slack or we will have to continue without their participation.”

Student Body Vice President Tricia Anklan said Kerr was critical to the executive board and she is sad to see him go.

“[Andrew’s resignation] was definitely unprecedented,” she said. “It was a shock to everyone but I respect and understand the decision he made. I can attest to the work he’s done and all that he’s gone through with the exec board.”

Director of Student Activities Michelle Whited said tension such as this are common among all organizations.

“There is often times tension amongst student leaders,” she said. “It’s the nature of the group and the goals each member has to get things done.”

Whited said the resignation of a Student Body Officer in the middle of a term has never occurred since her time at Bradley, and Senate is looking for candidates to fill the position.

“Petitions are available and are due at the Senate meeting on the 31st,” she said. “The candidate chosen will serve the rest of Andrew’s term ending in April.”

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