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Students, alumni voice opinions on mascot


Freshman sports communication major Alex Deeb: “The Braves is a controversial name for our school, and you can’t do much with it in terms of adding a mascot. I think we should keep Bradley just ‘The Braves’ without a mascot.”

Junior health science major Kynise Slay: “I think it would be really cool if we had an actual mascot. Other schools have a symbol to show who they are, we are still just known as the Braves. Personally I like the lion.”

Senior business management and administration major Lauren Sandstrom: “I really like the idea of a lion to symoblize us because I think it most closely relates to what a Brave is.”

Sophomore business major Adam Currier: “I think we need a mascot so the students have something to rally for. The word Braves isn’t a mascot it is simply a name, we need something else.”

Senior English major Emily Wieser: “I think a mascot might help boost student interest in Bradley’s sports. I personally never know what’s going on, and I know a lot of students don’t really care or keep track. A mascot might help more students feel included as fans.”


Senior elementary education major Clay Theisinger: “If they entirely get rid of the Braves, I think there would be 60,000 really upset alumni members, so I think they should at least keep that around.”

Junior chemistry major Avery Kellogg: “I don’t see why we need a mascot now. We haven’t had one in a while and we’ve been fine without it. I can see why some people would want one, because other schools and teams have them.”

2009 graduate Spencer Leeds:

“I think changing the name is pretty unnecessary. After so many years it would be pretty difficult to get the support of all of the students and alumni. It would be strange looking back and remembering cheering for the Braves when they aren’t anymore.”

1982 graduate Beth Gealow: “It may not mean a lot to new students, but people who have identified with being a Brave for 20, 30, even 40 years are going to be very upset. It may be about trying to garner school spirit, but more effort should be put into trying to get more students to care about the school than trying to change the mascot.”

Sophomore music education major Sarah Casey: “I don’t personally think a mascot is necessary, especially if we need to get it as soon as possible. It might make everyone come together initially and increase school spirit, but after a while nobody is really going to care anymore and it’ll be forgotten.”

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