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Students get hip while teaching dance class at Markin

Free hip-hop classes are being offered at the Markin Family Student Recreation Center from 12:30 to 2 p.m. every Saturday. 
The classes were started and are taught by junior journalism major Jeff De Chavez and junior family and consumer sciences major Megan Bowen. 
Bowen said she and De Chavez began the classes because of their dancing backgrounds.
“We really miss it, but we don’t have the time to commit to Hypnotiq or another dance team, so we decided to do our own thing,” she said.
De Chavez said they just wanted to teach willing people how to dance hip-hop.
“Megan and I have a lot of fun dancing and we thought we would share the wealth,” he said.
Junior advertising major Leah Moran said the classes offer “a nice open environment for people to learn and just have fun.”
The classes are informally taught at a beginner to intermediate level and anyone is welcome to attend. 
Moran said the classes are not extremely easy, but easy enough for people who are beginning to dance not to be extremely overwhelmed by the routines.
She said her favorite part of the classes is that people of all levels attend.
“You could have never danced in your life or you could’ve danced for years and still have a good time,” she said.
Since the classes are informal, attendance differs from week to week.  The typical range is eight to 25 participants, De Chavez said. 
De Chavez and Bowen alternate choreographing each week and sometimes have guest choreographers.
The choreography centers mainly on rap artists, including music by Chris Brown and Ne-Yo.
“It’s mostly hip-hop – whatever style we’re feeling,” Bowen said.
De Chavez and Bowen practice dance routines together on Fridays.
Bowen said they teach each other choreography to get feedback and advice from one another.
Moran said the participants usually do a basic, yet different routine in class each session.
“One week it’ll be a fast-paced song and the next week it’ll be with partners, so there’s a lot of variety within one class which is nice,” she said.
Overall, this class is highly recommended by Bowen and Moran as a good place to begin or continue to dance.
“I recommend it, because it’s a chill class, no pressure, and everyone is there to have a good time,” Bowen said.
The classes not only teach dance, but also have helped individuals in improving personal skills.
Bowen said it’s helped her with teaching and furthering her creativity, and Moran said it helps her relax.
“It’s helped me because dance is really my way to get rid of stress during school and it’s nice to have that back,” Moran said. “It’s an escape.”
Moran said she is proud of De Chavez and Bowen for taking the initiative to do something they love to do and are willing to share that with other students on campus.
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