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Students in dorms must take quiz to move off campus

Students wanting to live off campus will now have to view a slideshow presentation and complete a quiz in order to move out of the dorms.
Executive Director of the Center for Residential Living and Leadership Nathan Thomas said the quiz will be put into effect this semester for all students living in dorms or on-campus housing. The quiz is part of the Comprehensive Alcohol Action Plan.
“If they say they’re living off campus, for some reason, they will be taken to the presentation and the quiz online,” he said. “It will just happen as part of the program.”
The topics covered in the presentation include finance, leases, landlords, roommates, neighbors, parties, alcohol fines, property maintenance, parking, fire safety and animals.
“Reading through the slides and the quiz should take around 10 to 20 minutes at most,” Thomas said. “Students have to answer at least seven questions right, otherwise they clearly did not read the slides.”
Thomas said students need to only take the quiz once, and those who already live off campus do not need to take it, including those who live in greek houses.
Students who are planning to move from residence halls to greek houses must take the quiz as well. Although Thomas said individuals moving into the Delta Tau Delta and Pi Kappa Phi houses don’t have to take the quiz because they are university-owned properties.
Sophomore elementary education major Claribel Rocha said she thinks the presentation will be informative, but she doesn’t see the point in it.
“In some cases I guess it could be helpful, like for those who don’t know about rent and leases,” she said. “But the university makes the assumption that everybody drinks and parties. It just makes it harder for people to move out of the dorms. We already have to do so many activities regarding sexual harassment and alcohol when we live in the dorms. I don’t see why we have to do even more.”
Sophomore elementary education major Melissa Mayberry said she doesn’t like the idea of the quiz.
“I can see how the administration thinks it’s helpful, but mostly I think it’s a waste of time,” she said. “People who plan to live on their own should be thinking about these topics anyway. If they aren’t thinking about them, they’re in for a rude awakening, and how is that the university’s problem? It’s a weird concept – having to pass a test to be able to live on my own.” 
Vice President for Student Affairs Alan Galsky said the quiz will help students realize the responsibilities of living off campus.
“The quiz makes sure they know the material. It’s something other schools have implemented already,” he said.
Thomas said he agreed.
“In about two years time, everyone will have completed this,” he said. “It’s meant to help students understand their responsibilities and raise their awareness as they move off campus.”
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