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Swine Flu Threat Level Down, Vaccine to be Included in Flu Shot

Luckily for students who suffered from Swine Flu epidemic last year, it is expected not to return to Bradley.
“There is currently no expectation that the swine flu will be an issue this year, and it is covered under the regular flu shots,” said Dr. Jessica Higgs, director of Health Services. “There have also been no new viruses identified to cause the rate of illness of last year.”
With the flu season beginning in October and continuing until mid-April, the health center is taking usual precautions to address an ordinary influenza virus.
“I have altered the physician schedules this year to have more physicians available at the times of week when we are busier,” said Higgs. “We try to monitor
the phone calls as well and add an extra nurse on phones if needed.”
Higgs said each shot is good for one year, and recommends that students receive their flu shot yearly. Flu shot’s will be offered exclusively students in health services for $20, providing
not only protection from the standard flu but H1N1 as well.
“We will have flu shots ready at the beginning of October,” Higgs said. “ We strongly encourage
all students to get the flu shot.”
Sophomore public relations major Jennifer Anguiano said she is considering getting a flu shot for the first time.
“If something is going around I will be the first to catch it,” she said. “So I don’t see why not to get the shot. I have a bad immune system anyways so the shot will only give me more protection.”
There are several ways that students can avoid being sick this season. The Health Center encourages students to keep a good diet, a normal exercise routine, get sleep and maintain good hygiene. These things alone help your immune system to stay healthy said Higgs.
“The more you wash your hands, the more you limit your exposure to viruses and bacteria that make you sick,” she said.
Students should also keep in mind that by containing their own illness through cleaning their hands and covering coughs, others around will not be as affected. “To avoid getting sick this season you should use hand sanitizer and wash your hands often,” said junior nursing major Dana Hazelwood. “Be sure to carry tissues but don’t keep used ones
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