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There’s still employment hope for December grads

Originally published November 12, 2010

December graduates, if you don’t have a job lined up for after graduation you don’t have to panic just yet.

Executive Director of the Smith Career Center Jane Linnenburger said December graduates have a much brighter job outlook than students who graduated in May.

“It really does look positive for this class,” she said. “Things aren’t totally rebounded, but last year’s hiring activity was absolutely dismal.”

But some students have already found employment after graduation.

Senior foods and nutrition major Amy Carbonneau said she has a job lined up, through her internship, for once she graduates.

“A couple months into my internship, I was offered a full-time position for when I graduated in December,” she said. “I will be the first-ever full-time manager of the gluten-free kitchen.”

However, Carbonneau’s situation isn’t common, and she said she knows she is lucky to have already secured full-time employment.

“It’s pretty awesome to find a job when I haven’t even graduated yet,” she said. “I think it takes a lot of stress away. I can focus on finishing up classes, work on finding a place to live and all of the other fun, grown-up things to do.”

Students also still have a lot of options at their disposal if they haven’t found a job yet.

“Make use of the services of the Smith Career Center if you haven’t already done so,” Linnenburger said. “Make an appointment with your career adviser and go over steps for your individual job search plan.”

Career advisors are specially trained Career Center employees who know the job market for specific majors and are able to help students with field-related questions.

Another service offered by the Career Center is the job fairs, hosted both in the fall and again in the spring.

“If students do graduate in December and don’t have a job by February, they are more than welcome to come back for our job fairs in February,” Linnenburger said.

Senior history major David Caine said his minor of professional sales is where he is hoping to find employment, and he said he thinks graduating mid year will be beneficial.

“I think I am at a very large advantage,” he said. “The economy seems to be getting a little better and companies are opening their doors back up for entry level positions.”

Nation-wide, employment is up about 13.5 percent and across the Midwest the outlook is even better at around 20 percent, according to the National Association of College Employers.

Some students may get discouraged when looking for a full-time job, but Linnenburger said taking part-time employment may lead to a permanent position.

“If you want to work in something like an advertising agency, get a front-desk position there,” she said. “That could lead to a full-time opportunity in the future.”

Caine said trying to find employment has been a very big undertaking and is one that has taken a long time.

“I started applying [for jobs] the first week of this semester,” he said. “Applying and interviewing for jobs has been a full-time job.”

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