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A guide to improved advertising

It is safe to say if the Bradley Scout didn’t exist, many students would have no idea of what is going on at the school they are pumping more than $30,000 into.
The only problem with this newspaper is students find out about what has been going on after it has already happened.
As a student who lives off campus now, I don’t believe I could tell you of an upcoming event at campus besides Gideon Yago coming, and that’s only because every girl thinks just seeing him will fulfill their wildest dreams.
Part of the not being involved is my fault, but the other part is not.
How is a student supposed to be involved and attend events when the promotion for it – sucks?
Dorms are lined with fliers promoting free food but does it really work past the two times a person falls for the free food to be disappointed it isn’t a buffet?
And to that extent, a lot of those publications and releases are dated.
I haven’t checked up on Geisert Hall this year, but at the end of last semester there was a poster in the glass caseing advertising the events of the semester. The problem was the poster was for first semester of the year prior.
That’s right, my freshman year orientation poster telling me of all the exuberating things to do was still proudly displayed in the spotless glass case at the end of my sophomore year.
Laziness and irresponsibility contributed to a quality chuckle at the poster whenever I needed a pick-me-up.
I can do all this complaining and everyone can agree and give myself a self-esteem boost for having a general backing.
That’s not my goal though.
I want to help fix it because I care.
So I will use my best talent which isn’t great so far, journalism, to express my suggestions to the public.
Give students a reason to care
Free food doesn’t cut it, these fliers need to explain how the event will benefit the students instead of just saying “COME THERE IS FOOD AND YOU SHOULD COME AND BRING YOUR MOM. YA!!!!”
Use online resources better
Paul Gullifor, the communications department chairman, should be the adviser for the rest of the university’s advertising.
The man knows how to get a message out and that is by using a machine everyone else uses for everything these days – the computer and the miracle baby known as e-mail. 
There are a scarce amount of e-mails sent out by the university and most of those fail to grab the attention of the average student. E-mailing more events out will grab students’ attention and most will fail, but it’s just like new TV series each fall. Most of them are canceled but a network is successful if two series make the cut. 
Have the marketing and advertising students step in
It would be a great experience for these majors to take charge. It might be a stretch, but making it into a class for a grade would give major motivation to publicize events well.
True, anyone can sign up and advertise for these events so they should want to do it, but if it is a class, then an organization can call the professor and ask for publication help.
Sounds like an ad agency. Hmmm, wouldn’t that be great real-life experience then?
Marketing students can help out too because they take classes on how to package and sell a product effectively. These events can be considered products especially if they require paying for entrance.
A student newsletter
This would be a great internship possibility. Make it monthly and have features done on each event upcoming in the corresponding month. Fliers can only tell so much on one piece of paper. This newsletter can go into more detail and make a larger connection with the students.
As an act of brilliance, why not combine the last two improvements that have been suggested? An online newsletter could be pure genius and an excellent muscle to flex for prospective students to see.
Making the newsletter online and sending it through monthly e-mails instead of a lot of e-mails as mentioned previously could keep the student from getting mad about a lot of e-mails.
In about three lines of reading or so there will be a way to contact me. I strongly encourage student feedback on this subject because that is a step in the right direction. I will gladly be the voice for Joe the Plumber/Six-pack.
Dru Tate is a junior journalism major from Overland, Mo. He is the Scout assistant sports editor.
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