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Avoid JuicyCampus, express opinions in more productive ways

A very basic principle among scientists is the “Butterfly Effect.”  The theory of this effect is that the graceful flutter of a butterfly’s wings affects the cyclical events of the earth, all around the world.
The Web site would be a perfect example of how small, insignificant comments can impact the security, confidence and reputation of a university and its student population now and into the future.
Often, the comments made on this Web site are thoughtless, mean-spirited and made by individuals with no moral compass, no integrity and no thought to the consequences of such statements, and people who lack the courage of his or her convictions because the statements are made under the shelter of anonymity.
Normally, the best way to combat this kind of scandalous and cowardly behavior would be to ignore the prose written on this Web site.
However, I would like to address the few of you who have decided to air your ignorance on this Web site. You are not solving anything by venting and using this despicable weapon of attack.
It’s plain and simple – what you are writing on this Web site is hurtful, and what may seem like a game to you is a serious matter for those you’re bashing.
It’s hurtful and it has serious repercussions for those students who are discussed.
People’s reputations are at stake, and if you don’t care about them, at least have the decency to own up to what you’re saying.
The administration of Bradley University, the Student Senate and the Student Activities Office are always ready and are always interested in whatever our students have to say, be it positive or negative.
This exhibit of immaturity should have been overcome in middle school or at the latest high school.
As Bradley students, we have the ability to change those things that you may find offensive or lacking.
However, this year we had one of the lowest turnouts for available Senate positions that would have given you a voice in the areas that concern you the most.
Where are all of our student leaders? There is an old saying, “if you don’t play the game, you cannot make the rules.”
Next time you have a gripe about the people, campus or events at Bradley, make them known. By putting your name to your grievance, we can begin to address any slights or wrongs that you may feel are being ignored.
We are a small campus and because we have the ability to work out our problems as a family, we should band together for the greater good. It is not appropriate nor is it professional, under any circumstance, to whine about anything that can be solved with maturity, education and experience.
The next time you feel compelled to covertly undermine all of the good changes that are occurring on Bradley’s campus and to the majority of wonderful people on this campus, this would be my advice to you – grow up.
Jordan Ticaric
Student Body President
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