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Because life is hard enough as it is

There’s this thing called seasonal affectiveness disorder.
What it means is that some people become depressed during the extreme seasons, i.e. summer and winter, usually due to the lack or overabundance of vitamin D.
So we’re not talking about the “oh no, it’s raining outside, I don’t want to go to class, I’m sad” kind of depressed, we’re talking full-on nearly bipolar episodes of depression.
There’s a disorder called SAD where you get sad because of the weather (or season, whatever).
And scientists didn’t really believe in it at first, but now it’s a real disorder, and it’s really in the book of medicine practice stuff.
What I’m trying to say is this: humans are fragile.
We are these walking contradictions that have a laundry list of reasons why they probably shouldn’t even be alive, and yet we are. We’re so affected by these little things, like weather and teeth brushing and government, that we can go crazy and/or die from them.
And that’s why Valentine’s Day is the worst.
Ah, yes, I tricked you. You were reading my persuasive introduction for why you should hate Valentine’s Day the whole time.
Valentine’s isn’t the worst because it’s the commercialization of a nonsensical “holiday” so that capitalists can make fat wallets, and fat people, fatter.
Valentine’s isn’t the worst because it reminds the lonely how utterly alone they are, therefore perpetuating the stigma of being alone and conditioning people to believe that, even as children, they should fear being by themselves.
Valentine’s isn’t even the worst because I’m single.

It’s the worst because if stupid things that we can’t even control like the seasons and loud noises affect us so heavily, why should we feel the added pressure from within our own species?
Why do we feel the need to over-celebrate this emotion that a lot of people can’t even describe with trinkets and anatomically incorrect drawings of an organ?
Why chocolate? It’s just a silly plant derivative that releases endorphins inside the body and quite frankly manipulates people into feeling happiness against their will.
Why? Well, I know why, I guess.
Because happiness and love are integral to our lives and sometimes we forget that we’re supposed to show affection because we get all wrapped up in things that don’t matter.
Regardless, here’s my love letter for this Valentine’s Day.
You’re special and wonderful, and you have a purpose, even if it’s just to read this article and smile. And life is tough, but you’re tougher. Don’t give up on anything because you are so wonderfully you, and even in a million copies of the same crappy Valentine’s Day heart drawing for art class in grade school, I’d pick yours out of all of them.

And I’ll tell you this every day, not just Valentine’ s or your birthday or when you’re feeling depressed because it’s winter.

That’s for every person who ever reads this, because, dang, life is hard enough as it is. You deserve to know how special you are because you’re alive. It’s not a pick-and-choose situation.
You’re awesome and unique and the best you there is or ever will be.
Happy Valentine’s Day.

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