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Despite tragedy, collective kindness shines through

There are moments in life that will ground you, and bring you back to reality. These moments trigger personal reflection and often times, people find themselves appreciating and being thankful for the friends and family in life.

These emotions are what people across the country have been experiencing over the past few days following the bombings at the Boston Marathon. While many are left wondering who could do such a thing and their reason for doing so, others are just thankful they’re alive.

In this week’s article, titled “[BU grad recounts Boston Marathon],” the Scout spoke with Bradley graduate Lauren Fog ’11 about her experience participating in Monday’s Boston Marathon.

While Fog had already passed the finish line when the bombs detonated, she said being in the vicinity of the incident has left a deep impression.

Hearing from Fog emphasizes how a single event, even one across the country, can hit close to home. There were at least five Peoria citizens who participated in Monday’s race, and all returned safely home.

While the incident wasn’t as large as others in the past, it has sent a ripple of grief and pain across the country and the world impacting even some of the smallest towns.

In light of such a tragic event, it is important to focus on the positive that has come out of a bad situation. While the safety of thousands was at risk, people did not hesitate to help those in need, provide assistance and donate blood. That support can be seen in the hundreds of photos and videos plastered across the Web.

It truly is inspiring how people, of many different backgrounds and goals, came together to lend a hand – even if that meant potentially putting their own life at risk.

While you can take the defensive approach to the incidents that happened this Monday, you can also take the time to reflect on the sense of unity our country holds, that shows in times of crisis.

Fog said the running community is resilient and strong; runners will return to the race next year. Runners gain motivation from pushing and moving forward. As a country, this is just what we need to do. While this incident has brought us down, we each as individuals need to pick up where we left off and power through together.


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