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Editorial 10.18.13: Homecoming sees increase in spirit since years past

The Hilltop is no stranger to student apathy. However, it seems like we’re finally coming around.

“Bradley probably has one of the most apathetic student bodies in the country,” stated staff writer Don “DO” Ohlmeyer in the Oct. 24, 1963 edition of The Scout. “It appears that practically any sem- blance of loyalty, interest or enthusiasm has disappeared.”

Fifty years ago in ‘63, when more than 3,500 books went miss- ing from the Cullom-Davis library and students mourned the pass- ing of President John F. Kennedy, Bradley saw students shuffle to class on illogical sidewalk paths who “always had someone to take care of them,” according to Ohlmeyer.

“On Founder’s Day [of 1963] the building [Sword’s Hall] was dedicated [by Charles Swords],” wrote Editor-in-Chief Wendy “WC” Clucas in the Oct. 17 edition of the year. “And yet more than 3,000 students could not find 15 minutes to watch him cut the rib- bon and officially open a door he was donating to them.”

And traditionally, Clucas said, Founder’s Day celebrations were “simply re-runs of ones held previously.”

Twenty-five years later in ’88 as President George H.W. Bush took the Oval Office, sports Editor David Vecsey wrote an edito- rial where he was “complaining about [students] complaining” as President George H. W. Bush took the Oval Office.

“I’m convinced that Bradley University is just a big crib for 5,000-plus upper-middle class cry- babies,” Vecsey said.

And even this school year, we discussed it in editorials, stating “It’s almost like the student body is a crowd that stumbled in on a basketball game,” in the Sept. 27 edition.

We’re happy to say we’ve seen a change in Bradley spirit. This year’s homecoming fes- tivities began on Wednesday with the Lighting of the B on top of Bradley Hall. All 600 shirts from the Activities Council of Bradley University were distributed, leav- ing many more students lacking.

And the events will continue through the weekend, including the flag football game and the Homecoming soccer game against Loyola on Saturday night at Shea Stadium.

So far, Bradley students demon- strated their fervor for the seem- ingly vamped-up Homecoming. Participation has increased over a myriad of events, from decorating wooden Lydia’s to attending the annual bonfire.

We’re seeing a rise of red as Braves step into their pride, show their colors and become more vocal. We’re starting to “Go Far.” We’re starting to “Go Bradley.” #BradleyHome

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