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Editorial 11.30.12: Hilltop Cruiser is a positive addition to campus

At least once, the average student experiences a late night at the library. By the time students leave for home, it is late and dark. For students who live off-campus, there is a long walk ahead of them.

Over the past four years there have been several options for students to ensure a safe trip home at night. The Bradley University Police Department officers offer an escort program where students can call for a ride and student security walkers are available to walk students home. These are just two measures the university has tried to make sure students get home safe. Now there is an even better option for students.

As discussed in this week’s article “Bradley Launches Safety Shuttle Service,” Bradley adopted a new campus shuttle for students that will run each night from 7 p.m. to 3 a.m. The shuttle, called the Hilltop Cruiser, will provide students with a more convenient option for a safe ride home. In addition, the cruiser may be a more comfortable option for students as opposed to calling an officer because other students will be driving the shuttle.

Because of the safety concerns many students have expressed over the past semester, the cruiser couldn’t have come at a better time. Now students who are walking alone at night can call for a ride, eliminating any fear of being on campus at night.

A campus student shuttle isn’t a unique idea to Bradley; rather, it is a service that is provided to students at other universities and has proven successful.

It’s about time that Bradley offers its students a service such as this and we would like to see the Hilltop Cruiser be successful. The shuttle is a great service for students and is a preventive effort for crime on or near campus.

On Wednesday night alone, almost 60 students used the shuttle. That’s a significant number, especially for a program that just started Tuesday. And on the eve of finals week, a lot of students are gearing up for some late nights.  The program is a great idea, and we think those students who hesitated to call for a ride from the police in the past will use this alternative now.

While we do not know how successful the shuttle will be until next semester, one can assume that students, especially those living off-campus, would prefer to receive a ride home or to a nighttime campus event rather than walk.

Because the university is acting upon student feedback for shuttle like this, students should take advantage of the opportunity. Next time you find yourself leaving the library late at night don’t walk home by yourself, call the Hilltop Cruiser.

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