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Editorial 2.8.13: Zipcar Inc. gives students room to roam

Being new to a college campus and having an ache to explore the surrounding community is not an uncommon feeling. In fact, many Bradley students without a car on campus feel a sense of relief whenever they leave the Hilltop.

Thanks to a new program on campus, students have the opportunity for relief from the campus cabin fever.

As stated in this week’s article “Zipcar Inc. drives onto campus to offer new service,” Zipcar Inc. recently arrived on campus and now provides students with an easy and somewhat affordable rental car service. With this service, students have the ability to reserve one of two vehicles available on campus. With these cars, students can take a quick trip to the mall, visit a friend at Illinois State University or even take the car home for the weekend.

In many ways this service can be beneficial for all students on campus, not just freshmen. Upperclassmen who don’t have a car on campus or even students who have to take their car in for repairs can now rent a car that is conveniently located on campus.

The accessibility of having rentable cars on campus is something Bradley has never had before, and it can make living on campus easier for students who desire, or need to, make trips outside of campus. It’s exciting that Bradley is keeping up with modern trends and providing students with means of transportation beyond a CityLink bus.

Although Zipcar on campus will provide students with an alternative to public transportation, there is the concern of cost. To use a Zipcar, students are required to pay a membership fee as well as $7.50 per hour or $69 per day. For the average college student, this is a lot of money. So much so that students may hesitate to utilize the service.

If students act fast, they can sign up for their membership and take advantage of some special limited-time offers and deals, which is a great incentive for students who are unsure of its value. Hopefully as the service grows on campus, special offers or deals will continue to be available.

Regardless of price, Zipcars bring a new option for students looking to leave campus, and hopefully will grow to be a popular resource.

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