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Editorial 4.5.13: Endorsed for Student Body President: Dashawn Cason

The Scout has worked with Student Senate for years as a way of helping and communicating with the student body.

We have seen presidents who have broken barriers with the administration and represented Bradley as the formidable force it is.

We have seen ones who were biased, ones who were humble, and this year, ones who greatly underserved the student body.

Senior Alan Bukingolts, the current president, was inexperienced, and he was not as strong of a president as he could have been with a senate background.

Bradley now has the opportunity to see the effect of experienced leaders with the BUnited Ticket, specifically sophomore Dashawn Cason for president.

Cason has been a senate member for two years, and he is currently serving as the senate’s secretary of the assembly.

As a freshman on Student Senate, Cason went out of his way to make a difference for students. He was the driving force behind extending the food service hours of the Michel Student Center and Center Court, as well as many other projects.

The secretary position of senate keeps records of all meetings. In this way, Cason was able to absorb important senate knowledge as an objective observer. With the turbulent flow of this year’s meetings, intimate knowledge of the meeting structure will be helpful for all members of senate in the coming year.

While Cason’s competitor junior Zack Shaw is also a member of senate, he appears to not have the determination, vision and follow-through of a well-seasoned senator, like Cason.

And while Bukingolts asked the senate every week to give him ideas, Cason will come up with his own.

Indeed, all of these bookkeeping statistics are impressive, but we at the Scout feel that Cason can bring something greater to the student body: his charisma.

Cason is fairly well-known on Bradley’s campus as a member of Sigma Nu fraternity, Activities Council of Bradley University and a senate member.

He stated himself in a Scout interview on March 27 that he attempts to meet people from all different sections of campus, and he succeeds. Cason’s personable demeanor is purposeful and effective, and it makes a difference in his public speaking and leadership strategies.

Overall, Cason is the most experienced, more determined and more personable candidate in this set of runoff elections. We have considered that he wants to make the difference that this year’s senate was unable to do. He is endorsed.


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