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On the surface, this hasn’t been a particularly memorable year on campus.

This was not a year of extremes. There were no intruder alerts, no swine flu breakouts, no party busts worthy of national news. Looking back at some of the major headlines from this year, things have been relatively quiet.

But in nearly every facet of campus life, the groundwork for a potentially incredible year has been laid.

After a year of what feels like stagnant air, we finally have some momentum.

We have a new, and much needed, basketball coach, a morale booster the team and all its fans have been hoping for. We have an arena that, in its first year, has proven to be a comfortable fit for sports teams, job fairs and rockstars alike.

We have a new police station, and in the coming weeks we should have a new police chief to go along with it. Main Street Commons is allowing for slightly more wiggle room for incoming freshmen, even though most students are wary of the rent. At the same time, construction is continuing on the new Geisert Hall cafeteria and Heitz Hall. Haussler Hall will be knocked down in a few weeks to make room for a new quad, and next year we will unveil the Hayden-Clark Alumni Center.

Student Senate had its fair share of issues, something we have harped about time and time again on this page throughout the past year. If anything, the lack of progress they made should propel them into making up for lost time next year, and we will hopefully be seeing some of their plans implemented.

In addition to all that, we have another record-breaking freshmen class moving in.

The bottom line is there is a lot going on, and this campus is worlds away from the campus the graduates first stepped foot on four years ago.

Take advantage of it. Check out the buildings, go to the basketball games, attend a concert or two. This is our home, albeit a temporary one, and we are lucky to be here to watch the transition of it all.

Some of us will return years from now as alums, and Bradley will likely look nothing like it does today. What we do get to keep the same is our memories, cliche as that may sound.

So visit a Late Night BU, attend the open forums for the police chief contenders, sign your name on the Westlake beam today. Be a part of it. You never realize how much you want to do until you find yourself running out of time to do it.

To the graduates, congratulations on completing your college career. I hope this has been a time you will look back on with no regrets, all-nighters and failed tests included.

To everyone else, have a safe and relaxing summer. Catch up on sleep and TV while you can; we have a busy year ahead of us.

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