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Greek Pranks Show Lack of Respect

To be blunt, we’re fed up with recent behavior within the greek community.
We’re embarrassed and disgusted, and we think it’s actually pathetic. We’re not going to sugar coat anything. What’s been happening with greek students is just plain wrong.
This semester, a trend of stealing items from greek chapter and off-campus houses has accelerated at an alarming rate. In the past, fraternity or sorority members would take small memorabilia from another house, keeping it as a harmless token. These excursions were trivial, innocuous and, most of all, fun. No feelings were hurt. It was all part of the social norms of being greek.
But the stealing offensives have shifted from mild jests to actual crimes. Among stolen items were parts of a stove. A patio set. Letters off the outside of chapter houses. Furniture. Money. Composites, trophies and paddles have been stolen from chapter houses, meaning visiting alumni come back to find some of their favorite memories missing. Women in at least one sorority called the police as fraternity members broke into the sorority house’s kitchen window in an attempt to steal more items.

We don’t think it’s funny anymore.

Is this how we want Bradley’s greek life to be represented? As a bunch of kids taking the prank too far?  Nearly a third of Bradley’s students participate in greek life. This isn’t how we want to come off to prospective students, other colleges and alumni.
Director of Student Activities Tom Coy and the rest of the Fraternity and Sorority Life team have been responsive, especially with the lack of a permanent leader for greek life at the moment. The idea of a Student Organization Review Board is necessary. The board’s presence can be a reminder to greek members about the consequences of stealing, and hopefully stifle any more attempts in the future.
On top of the board, the creation of an Amnesty Day is more than fair. Greek students can return any stolen items, no questions asked, and start over with a clean slate. Greek members need to take advantage of Amnesty Day. It’s not an invitation to steal more items before the day comes around. And it’s not a competition to see who stole the most. This is an opportunity for students to prove that they uphold the reputation the university places on greek members as intelligent, upstanding and philanthropic people.
Because, let’s be honest, you probably won’t get this chance again.
The fun and games are over. Enough is enough with the stealing. It’s time to do the right thing.

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