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How university students can remedy their college-induced stress

The beginning of the school year is in session and students are already stressed. With many things to do and little time to get it done, it is no wonder why people go “bonkers” so soon.

In a 2008 survey of 2,253 college students conducted by the Associated Press and mtvU, results showed four out of ten college students report they often feel stressed.

One out of every five say they feel stressed most of the time. One out of four students experienced daily stress and one in ten had thoughts of suicide. To prevent these thoughts and maintain control one can follow simple steps to being a stress-free college student, and most importantly a healthy person.

First, close your eyes and think of a happy place. I know it sounds corny – but it works. Think of why you are in college, what you want your life to be like when you graduate, think about the happiness you will feel when you complete your homework. Think about a person that makes you happy, a person that motivates you to succeed in life.

Surround yourself by positive people, even people you see everyday like your friends can bring you down. I know you thought about the person right now.

Eliminate their negativity from your “bubble.” Do things that you would not normally think of doing, like sitting outside on the quad or sing Lydia a song. I was half joking about the last part.

Whatever it is you find yourself doing make sure you are happy. Next time you are stressing about homework or school, just relax. Things will get better.

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